Mirrors – by jadia hypolite

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She looks in the mirror
eyes filled with disgust
its something about men she did not trust
that fateful night was when it all happened
her eyes trailing over her body she hates what she sees
bruises that turn from purple to blue
looking back she wishes that night never came true
in her mind she still hears herself scream
she remembers it like it was yesterday
him and her were lying on the bed
her mind hazy as thoughts swam through her head
his hands started to wander and he was going too far
looking back she wish she was driving home in her car
she wanted to tell him to stop
but the words at the back of her throat were caught
he was too strong so she couldn’t break free
her heart breaking with every plea
when it was over he left it all
tears running down her cheeks she ran down the hall
pulling back to reality she couldn’t tell a soul
only one person deserved to know it all
sitting beside her i somehow knew
she’s a survivor, braver than you

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