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I ask and ask

But never receive an answer

The answer is simple though

Its right in front of me

As clear as snow

I am different

I am special

I am… me

I am not cool

nor popular

I am nothing of favorable character

I am me

I am the boy who is not cool

Who is not like the other boys

I am me

I am unique and special

I am not one you would be likely to be seen with

Why oh why should it affect me

Why oh why

I may cry or weep

and little should I seek

that being me is what makes me unique

I am me

No one else can change it

One thought on “Me”

  1. Rightly said Daniel… Every person have been blessed with different personalities like our five fingers are not same… we can’t expect everyone to be like us and we should also try to be not like them. Just maintain our uniqueness in a unique way and show to this world we are different from others. Thanks for letting everyone know how good it can be … to be unique :) … hope people take this seriously …

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