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The bell rings

Its over

As you advance in moving on I stay for I am younger

Whatever little hope we had left is now gone

The silent and invisible tears I fought to hold back now overwhelm me

It doesn’t show though

Nothing does

I try to stay strong and act normal

But it’s hard when I stare at you

Now as I am forced to tell myself goodbye

Because I am really shy

You will never see this

We will never talk

As it’s always been

But I caught you staring at me

And you caught me staring at you

We never talked

The only times we did were of laughter from each other

It was short but sweet

Such a joy it was

Feeling as if  it was just us

No care or worry

Just you and me

But now its just me

Longing for you

I will forever love you

And I hope you will do the same

Someday I hope to talk to you

Although I am different

I am also the same

Now I must say goodbye

At last it has come

This is it

This is now

So here it is


One thought on “Gone”

  1. Sometimes it is good to let go things when we can’t keep hold of it for long. There can be many beautiful memories which can be cherished forever and the moments will be unforgettable forever. Although people might change, but some beautiful things that were shared can never be changed. But when everything gets out of hand, it is better to follow our own path and move on. This reminds me of very beautiful quote by a true lover “I want her to be happy. It’s worth sacrificing myself.” Even sacrificing for someone can go a long way in keeping the memories cherished of our loved ones.

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