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Religion Issue:

In regard to the recent conflict related to religion within our poetry community, LoveisLonely, as an innocent third-party, a provider of a free and quality poetry site, hereby make announcement as follows:

1. is a free poetry site for general purpose only and will not be involved in any discussion related to religion;

2. The existing poems on published before 8PM EST Nov. 11th, 2011 will remain the way as is. Some existing content (including but not limited to poems and comments) maybe offensive to a few readers but acceptable in general will remain the way as is;

3. will filter explicit religious poems, comments and anti-religious poems, comments that will be published at and after 8PM EST Nov. 11th, 2011 at LoveisLonely’s own discretion;

4. LoveisLonely may consider launching other sites for specific purposes if there’re demands in those niches, however, itself will remain neutral in relation to religion and keep silence and peace.


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