These Drops of Sweet Sorry

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If you listen…..
Just a little closer
And if you would stay…..
Just a moment longer
You might be able to hear
These drops of regret
Fall into the bucket
And you might be able to see
These drops of sweet “sorry”
Filling up the bottle

I told myself this is
No fault of my own
And blamed it on your fear
Of being alone

But if I bring you…..
Just a little closer
And if I could hold you…..
Just a moment longer
I might be able to take back
Those drops of regret
And empty that bucket
And I might be able to soak up
Those drops of sweet “sorry”
And break open that bottle

We made this fairy tale
Into a very short story
You deserved a much better ending
And for this…..
I’m very very sorry..


It’s the One Person I Love

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There’s family and riches,
there’s money and fame.
but for all you horrid bitches,
this is no game.

The ones who cheat,
the ones who lie.
are the ones who will be beat
and will surely die.

Love is not as rare
as people say,
but it’s people who are madly in love
that make my day.

People claim
they adore someone,
but when they are gone
they are merely lame.

It’s the one person I love that moved away
left me here until one day,
when will I see him again? nobody knows
just keep thinking of him as I put on the shows.

Love him, hate him
it’s all the same
but it’s the one person
I’ll never forget, forgive or reclaim.

Because I think of Him

My Lonely World

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If you ever came to feel my pain
or drowned for a day in my lonely rain
you would know what it’s like to suffer in my hell

If you listened to the tales I had to tell
you would never again pass judgement on me

You may even understand why sometimes I flee
why I sometimes hide when the road gets rough
or run away when life gets tough

If you spent 60 seconds locked inside my head
you’d understand why life I dread

If you took a minute to feel what I feel
you’d understand that my pain is so real

If you for once, choked on my tears
or had to fight through my fears

If you had to spend a day in my solitude
my nightmares you couldn’t elude
the judgements you first passed would fade away

You would probably hit the ground and pray
to never again see the things that I had seen
to never experience the dreams that I dreamed

There is a Long Road Ahead

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I’ve lost something very precious today,
I’ve lost something that never ever was,
I have lost the core of my soul today
And I mourn in despair for my sad loss.

I have lost what I once believed was true,
I’ve lost what I once thought would surely be,
I have lost what I have believed in for years
And I cry out in my sorrow – why me!

A lugubrious expression on my face,
I do try in vain to our story retrace.

The memories are hazy, but very strong
And I woefully wonder, “What what went wrong?”

Teary-eyed I remember those parties –
Oh, the fun the joy the laughter – so hearty!

Our school festival -how we danced! How we sang!
And throughout the day and night, our voices rang!

Then, we were all the Children of Innocence,
Then, pride, greed, jealousy were of no essence.

We all believed in living for the moment,
And our time together was very well spent.

We were oblivious to the world outside
And our immaturity, we did not hide.

We walked hand-in-hand without a single care,
Our hopes, our dreams, our ambitions we did share.

Some said that we were more than just childhood friends,
Others said we would stick by each other to the end.

But we did care little to what people said
And with our own lives, we simply went ahead.

‘Friends Forever!’ That’s what we declared to all,
We would stand united, we would never fall.

But Alas! The sands of time have changed us now,
I just don’t see why No I just don’t see how.

You now confess that you’ve just been using me,
And my heart cries out aloud, “How can that be!”

I trusted you! Oh, I confided in you!
Now that you’re gone, what am I supposed to do?
I believed you
When you told me that I was your best friend.
I believed you
When you said our friendship would never end.
My heart would skip a beat
Each and every time you’d give me that smile.
My heart would skip a beat
Every time we would stop and talk a while.

I ask myself, “Why did it have to end now?”
“Is there nothing we can do some way somehow?”

But you give me the answer loud and clear –
You don’t need me close, you don’t need me near.

You now say that you don’t want me any more.
With those words, you kill my heart from the core.

You now say that we were never ever friends,
You just needed me to achieve your own ends.

And now that you are happy, you are content,
You wish to take back the “friendship” you had lent.

You tell me that I must move on in my life,
There is a long road ahead a lot more strife.

I sniff but say, Yes, I will move on, My Love,”
“I shall take wings of hope and fly like a dove.”

Your memory will live on deep in my heart,
But with my faith and hope, my life will re-start,

For we often lose those whom we love, we trust,
But to learn to move on in life is a must.

I’m hurt, but I will be okay, I will be fine.
Between self pity and strength is a thin line.

I sigh as I look back at my so-called friend.
We were wrong, My Dear, our friendship did end.

You have moved on now and so shall I, in time.
To be sad, to be insecure, is no crime.

But I won’t give in to these feelings of mine,
I shall move on in my life, I shall be fine.


The Journey of Two Best Friends

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You’ve seen me at my worst
You’ve seen me at my best
You’ve listened to my troubles
And helped them lay to rest

I wish you knew how much I miss you
I wish you knew how much I care
I wish you knew how many times
I’ve wished you were just right there

To talk about the old times
When life was so carefree
And we played like we were sisters
Even though it couldn’t be

We’ve been best friends for so long
Ever since we were two and three
But then something small went wrong
And it grew too fast to see

I think talking was the key
That seemed to be out of grasp
And it slowly divided our friendship
Like poison from an asp

Then before I could comprehend
What had happened to two best friends
It ended up being farther than a walk next door
But a journey of a whole lot more

It doesn’t take long to get there
But it seems so far away
And since life isn’t always fair
I just hope to get there someday

And maybe I can celebrate
Your special day with you
I hope it will be this one
But I haven’t got a clue

So hopefully sometime
Our separation will end
And it will also finish
The journey of two best friends


(Dedicated to Andrea Bayles)