Words, Words

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Words, words
they’re dangerous
they show you affections
appeal to your emotions
touch your feelings
shatter your defences
bypass your reasons
then fuel your passions

Words, words
they’re fatal
as pretty as a beauty
as sexy as a body
as sweet as a candy
as pleasant as a melody
as fragrant as perfumery
soft and silky

Words, words
they’re hazardous
they come and they go
they stay and they move
they’re real or merely fictions
they’re true or merely compositions
they’re realities or merely imaginations
they’re truths or merely impulsions
they’re thoughts or merely expressions
they’re amusing or confusions

Words, words
they’re killers
they steal your core rob your soul
make you feel you’re on top of the world
make you susceptible make you vulnerable
make you helpless and powerless
you’re not even realizing
it is happening

Seventeen Again

Finding a Talent

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Some day or point in my life,
I decided I was just average,
I decided that I was good at nothing,
I was just meant to go through life,
Take it in, and age.

At some point in time,
I decided that was wrong,
I figured there must be something I could do,
But the process,
Really seemed to take too long.

Somewhere down the line,
I really got into acting,
I enjoy the way it freed me,
In some ways,
That’s not what I was expecting.

In time that has already passed,
I found a joy in writing,
I let myself go and shed my skin on the page,
The way I felt so much calmer,
Had to be better than fighting.

Some day or point in my life,
At some point in time,
Somewhere down the line,
In time that has already passed,
I found a talent that I can call mine.


A Poem is a Song

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The poems,
The amusement, the sadness, the enlightenment…
They need inspirations;
They need feelings.

The beginning, it is often difficult,
But slowly,
You will find a way of singing,
As if a little bird were warbling!

A poem is a song;
Come and find your rhythm.
Listen to your favourite chanson,
Smell the fragrance of soil,
Watch the sunset and sunrise,
And write down your thoughts on a note.
Let your imaginations fly,
And your verse will flow like tides!

One, two, three, four,
Continue writing, and free your soul.
Le Voilà, it’s stunning and marvellous.
Congratulations, it’s done!

. Love Song

It Was Because of You

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It was because of you that I did not sleep at night
waiting for you to kiss me goodnight

It was for you that I worked very hard in school
to get good grades and to graduate

It was because of you that I lost my best friend
just because you thought she was not a good friend

It was because of you that I made my mom cry and my brother lie
for a stupid thing that wasn’t even true
I lie for you daddy and that’s the truth

It was for you that I hurt his feeling
because you told me “he wasn’t good enough”
it was because of you that I have lost my true love
and in tears I have to say yes daddy

It was because of you I have become this girl
who doesn’t feel confidence in herself
& it was because of you I don’t know who I am anymore

It was because of you that it seems like everything was okay
but the truth is daddy you took my whole life away

You took my true love, you took my best friend,
you took everyone you did not like
just because you said “honey they are not your type”

Let me tell you something daddy, I love you and everything
but sometimes in life you got to speak up

I already have had too much I am sorry but I can’t take It,
I want it to be just for once, just for once to say,
I did it because of me & bursting in tears I have to tell you
yes daddy I did it because of me.

Father and daughter
Father and daughter

I Miss You Today

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I try not to think about you,
but I miss you today
so many memories
so many communications

Who said
even a grain of sand
I treasured it
even sunrise and sunset
I could not forget them

Those lively faces
how could I erase them
from my memories

I try not to think about your voice
I will miss talking to you
I try not to think about your smile
I will miss seeing you

I try not to think about our communications,
but I read your farewell letter again
I read the sadness again

I miss your thoughtfulness
I miss our perfect partnership

I can only assume that
at this moment
you miss me too,
although somewhere else,
you are silent.