Brothers, a Shoulder to Cry On

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The ones you go to for help,
For comfort,
For advice.
When you just had a fight with mom and dad,
Another girl,
Or your boyfriend.

The ones you go to, to tell them that
You’re pregnant,
Getting married,
Or just need a shoulder to cry on.
The ones you look up to,
Share jokes,
And talk to about everything.

They’re there for the good times,
And everything in between.

My brother,
He helps me with everything.
Now all he needs,
Is me.

Brother and sister
Brother and sister

Brother, stay strong

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Brother dear it’s time you see
just exactly what you mean to me.
No doubt you’ve lost your heart,
but suppose you lost your time
instead, now that would be a crime.
Without time we cannot heal,
we cannot live and cry,
without time we cannot grow
or even pause to wonder why.
Take heart, be strong, keep head up high,
Good things are up there.
Did you ever wonder why.
Life throws things at us to make a mess,
but clouds have a silver side too.
Resolve to think ahead each day.
Think only of those who love you.

My Brother

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My brother
My hero
My true best friend
I know I can count on till the end
you’ve protected me
guided me
taught me what I didn’t know
but you you must let me go
Im growing up fast
And you cannot always choose for me
you cannot always protect me from mistakes
Im gonna do my best no matter what it takes
Im gonna make you proud
Im gonna reach success
Im gonna go far, you will see
After all I learned from the best

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