Suicide Path

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Suicide Path
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Have you eva had the feeling
that your whole heart was revealing
any way someone could hurt you
break your heart and emotionally desert you
have you ever wondered why
and for no reason started to cry
have you ever felt theres something you lack
the reason he never looked back
if you’ve eva had that feeling
that heart renching feeling
you will understand why suicide
is sometimes the path we decide

My Black Ocean

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My Black Ocean
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Im Standing on a Rock Surrounded by my black ocean
fear splashs and soaks my shoes
Pain swims by
death flys near me
Im scared
I fall into the darkness
Into my pain
I cannot breath
I cannot swim
I cannot run
I cannot hide
fear rush’s into me
Im Choking
Pain pulls me down
death dives in and blinds me
Suicidal thoughts eat me
death wants me
Hatred fills me
Pain bites me fear runs me, I feel hands on me
Suicide holds me, my friends pull for me
I let go and death owns me

Problem fixed

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Problem fixed
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The feeling is numb, ever since this begun
Im filled with remorse for ever trying at all
From the highest floor of the building I will fall
I will kill this nothing, no one will see it coming
First I will speak up and cause a tirade
I will explain to them how my life has frayed
But I will let them know, that it’s all okay
Because once and for all, Im going away
I will end this heartache, this ill excuse for life
Down my arms and legs I will swipe
All my thoughts flowing out of me
I will surrender to death and you will plead

The thought of suicide

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The thought of suicide
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The thought of suicide
Put the gun to my head
Put the knife to my neck
Put the pills to my mouth
The thought of suicide
Jump off a building no screaming
Put a plastic trash bag over my head
Yes thank you am done am gone am dead
The thought of suicide blows my mind
I wouldn’t do it if I was doin fine in this life of mine
But it comes a time and I know this is my time to die
The thought of suicide runs threw my vains exceeds thew my brain
The thought of suicide is in my mind

Suicide note

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Suicide note
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So close but so far away
Never wanted this anyway
If yesterday brings a better tomorrow
Im never gonna see today

My heart is broken
My scars split open
So this knife will be my god
And take me from this world

Take me from this world
Take me from this pain
Take me by the hand
Make it go away

Im leaving home
And if I never return
You don’t have to remember me