Lost Forever

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Lost Forever
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RIP! RIP! RIP! Stab. Rip. Stab. Stab.
The sound of my heart in my solitary confinement
The world has become too much to bear
Chaos and confusion are starting to make it’s self known
How did this happen is what I ask we were so close
What we had is slowly slipping away into the black abyss
I sit and wonder what I’m to do when you were the best part of me
Drowning in a sea of lies, my emptiness has overwhelmed me <3 <3 (//_-)
My tears are slowly mixing with the freshly fallen blood
The pain is becoming too much to bear until I black out
Peaceful at last
Slowly fading into the blackness
The world at last in order


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Mesmerizing, entrancing, it sings to me
The tears run down but the blood runs faster
The blood slides down my arm
It  runs taking away the pain and confusion
As it pools at my feet I know my faith and I smile
It thrills me fills me with glee
In mere minutes I will be gone
Blood drips down to the floor
And as it runs my mind begins to soar
No one will notice none will care
Some may cry but in weeks it will be as if a dream had occurred
No longer will I be thought of no longer will they care
Life will continue as if I were never really there
I start to feel sleepy, content with the world as last
As the razor falls from my finger I realize
My life is over but my true happiness will begin

The Rope

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The Rope
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Waiting and wondering how far one will find an end to the rope.
To tie the knot that may end the thoughts
of who and why along with what may cause this pain.
Eyes are seeing the fire growing as thoughts leave
with nothing more than the rope ready to be wrapped around the neck.
Empty inside nothing to hold on to
all is over and no one to plea the sense
it would not be to jump from the limb with the rope tied to.

End it

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End it
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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
give your trust, you won’t be betrayed
this was the bull sh*t we learned as we were young
purely because it thought that
we couldn’t handle the truth and we would run

as we grow, we know
the truth shows itself slowly and painfully
adults think we are oblivious
just because they don’t want to confront us

13 and you think you know it all
but you just wait, see how you feel when reality gives you a call
you just can’t take it anymore
crawl up into a ball and cry on the floor

or be like everyone else
and hide the pain
run to the woods
and cry in the rain

life is tough
it’s time to give up, to yourself you think
you see that razor
glancing at you from behind the sink

you look at your situation and realize you’re pathetic
what’s so bad to make you want to end it?
but it’s a feeling, just eating away at you
so you grab the blade and do what you feel you need to do

at first you were not sure
did I do something wrong?
and the rush of endorphins, strong and pure
gave you that high you’ve wanted for so long

you needed it
you craved it
and you didn’t even know about it

how could something so wrong feel so right?
what if I end my life tonight?
who would know?
who would care?
all that’s left is the small memory of me floating away in the air…

Heartfelt Suicide

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Heartfelt Suicide
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I wanted to be with you…
It’s too good to be true.
So here I lay awake,
My life to take,
So very alone,
Not going to postpone,
My heart will bleed no more,
You fucking whore.
All I wanted was you,
You were too good to be true.
Now I lay on the floor,
My blood starting to pour.
A justified, Heartfelt suicide.