Suicidal: Ones Own Life

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Suicidal: Ones Own Life
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Death’s a lonely soul, wandering around,
Crying, whispering, wishing, wanting.
Life in a dark shell,
Wondering why no one  cares.
Surely, deep enough, if you only knew,
How people love you.
Don’t cry, don’t hide.
Know enough to let you flow
Why did you do it?
Please don’t do it.
Many souls wandered, searching for a light.
One soul in the dark, everyone is individual.
If you look out, if you can see,
Everyone suffers.
Some may suffer hard,
Some may suffer less.
Don’t say to me: “You don’t know anything.”
Don’t say to me: “You don’t know how it feels.”
Don’t say to me: “You haven’t been there before.”
But only for you to know, I’ve been there myself.
I cry myself to sleep, I’ve been alone along,
I learn all by myself, I walk alone and solo,
I was hated by everyone, my parents don’t love me.
I’ve been to three-fourths of the world already.
I’ve been hurt just as much as you
So don’t yell,
So don’t scream.
So don’t tell me: “How could you know how I feel like?”
It’s okay, I’ve been there.
Every road I take, it’s always different.
I almost did the same thing.
So why did you do it?
We both suffer, but I was the one that held on
You didn’t.
It’s too late now.
Now you’re gone.
If you just hold on, life will be better and get better.
Just believe.
Life will get better.
But why?
You took your own life.
You did it.
You shouldn’t do it.
Why did you commit suicide?
Your life is so fragile,
You life is everything,
Your life is a gift from God.


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Christmas is coming again,
The seasons filled with joy,
Santa leaves presents for good little girls and boys
The family goes to get a Christmas tree,
Everyone that is,
Except for me,
It’s a family tradition,
But that’s come to pass,
I sit in my room,
Listening to them laugh,
They decorate the tree with ornaments,
While I decorate my arms with a knife,
Tinsel streaming down the branches,
Blood flowing down my wrists,
Trying to end my life

When is it Enough?

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When is it Enough?
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As time passes you look in the mirror and you ask, “when is it enough?”
The day we are born is the day we start to die…
Are our lives pre-planned or the paths we choose to take our destiny?
There have been good ones and bad ones; just take it as it comes…
Was it planned to be molested, raped, beaten and nearly killed?
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, does it?
Noticed through the years that decisions made have not been the best…
Was on top of the world until two years ago the world came crashing down…
Was that path chosen or was it a choice?
Verbal abuse, physical abuse; is it a vicious circle?
Tried to commit suicide and that was a failed attempt…
So do we sit here and just exist??
All the loss in life, how do we cope?? Loss of child is always an open wound
When is it enough to find your own happiness if it’s possible??
Alone, scared, confused and just want to love and be loved instead of being used…
When is it enough…?


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If I fight the Push,
I will die.
It will crush me,
Reform me into
Something different.

If I become apathetic,
I change yourself
And the Pressure,
the Press, still wins,
And stays for Eternity.

The Pressure is there,
Always pushing.
I thought it would stop,
or at least,
That I’d get used to it.

But I don’t.
It pushes and pushes,
Crushing me,
Ever so slowly.
Soon I’ll begin to smell

That metallic smell,
of the blood
Filling my lungs.
And I’ll realize
I’m starting to drown.

But it’s too late
To stop, to leave.
The disappointment
That comes with giving up
Is too much.

My lungs would explode.

Should I fight?
Refuse to accept my fate?
Or do I become apathetic,
and hope the Pressure
Forgets I exist?