Warm Winter

Warm Winter 2.00/5 (40.00%) 3 votes

Sensing the approach of dark grey clouds
Feeling cold breezes passing through me
Looking for my own shadow
Beyond the horizon of my visual perception
Longing for the fall of the first raindrop
Summer is sad for the time it had this year
As winter had almost found its way here
Rain in winter is nothing but summer’s tears

Fear consumes me ……

Three Questions

Three Questions 3.75/5 (75.00%) 8 votes

Usually I think what have I done to deserve this pain
It feels like something is running within my veins
It’s something intangible
It’s something valuable
I’ve heard once that pain can become addictive
I remember laughing once I’ve heard that adjective
It’s something logical
It’s something valuable
Of course I do not mean pain in it definable meanings
Best things in life ……

“She Loves Me Not”

“She Loves Me Not” 3.56/5 (71.11%) 9 votes

She loves me… she loves me not.


On the corner of the street, you catch my eye.

You are the most beautiful person,

I’ve ever seen.

At the back of the room, you steal my heart.

You are the brightest thing here.

I have never seen such a beautiful thing.


You have stolen my heart,

And you can either return it,

Or keep ……

A Few Little Cuts

A Few Little Cuts 3.89/5 (77.78%) 9 votes

It all started with a knife,

A blade that shined so bright,

That would scar pale flesh

On that dark and lonely night.

A few little cuts that would just get deeper

And deeper they did go,

As little lines of crimson blood

Stained the skin, white as snow.

Then something would happen

And away this mind would fly,

This body unable to stand

Beginning ……

~slow Dance~

~slow Dance~ 2.67/5 (53.33%) 3 votes

Take my hand,
Step in closer
Let me feel your bossom
How your heart roves at…
Now draw a leg aback
And bring it forth again
let me take you about,
in a little dance session.
How you like the twinkle lights,
How you like the chill
(How I love your breath! How I love the arcs in you eyes!)
My knees shudder, weak…
I know, ……

Gone Dreaming

Gone Dreaming 2.25/5 (45.00%) 4 votes

I hear Mother Nature’s loud footsteps
Walking up to her lovely son

She, with her soft hands caresses his bold head
Sending him into a feel of relaxation.
The chill soon sweeps him off to a world…
A land, so divided from the ordinary
A world where all could be heroes
And all could be villains
A world where a lunatic sits ……

Promises of Time

Promises of Time 2.50/5 (50.00%) 4 votes

Since that never forgotten day
time has promised to give a cure
for the addiction you once gave me
but the deal seems to remain obscure
since that day you had to walk away
I’m not done with even a single memory

It was nobody’s fault after all
pure destiny pushed us to fall
everything we have was suddenly gone
like stars at ……

A Cry from the Wilderness

A Cry from the Wilderness 3.00/5 (60.00%) 2 votes

A voice cries from the wilderness
Searching to find a friend
Someone they hope will care about
Their life until its end
I think we all are searching for
Someone to understand
To share all of life’s good and bad
In a dark, hostile land
A lonely soul, lost in the night
Who can no longer hide
The hurt I think we all have ……

Tears, Pain & A Happy End

Tears, Pain & A Happy End 3.75/5 (75.00%) 4 votes

For reasons that  I can’t explain

your all I think about.

knowing that whats coming could be pain

but how times have changed,

how much we’ve grown

from high school days

to being people of our own

its just never easy to understand how it happened

one minute you were here and the next,

the moment had already happened.


am I foolish, must be, ……

Losing You

Losing You 3.25/5 (65.00%) 4 votes

I met you 6 years ago, and as silly children we were enemies

We would scowl at each other in the bathrooms, ignore each other on the playground

Until a boy came into our lives; he was both of our best friends and we knew him as Baba

We eventually grew closer, until we were the best ……

Long Term Memory

Long Term Memory 3.67/5 (73.33%) 3 votes

It should be long over now.  Years and distance and silence fall between us as an abyss, uncrossable and immeasurably wide.  There should be no trace on you in my thoughts, nor a shadow of you in my memory; Time heals all wounds.

Yet still I can taste your lips on mine, still I can see your ……

Beautiful Sight

Beautiful Sight 2.67/5 (53.33%) 3 votes


The first time I acknowledged Eric was in Social Studies class, amid a project at the start of February. I glimpsed over at him when he was doing his project. He appeared isolated, apprehensive, and misconstrued by everyone around him. His dark brown eyes nearly black unveiled a ……

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself 4.00/5 (80.00%) 2 votes

Long brown hair & her big brown eyes, a heart of gold, that’s oversized!
She hides behind her “comfy” disguise, but sometimes needs to improvise…
Often hiding her feelings deep inside, she covers her pain & all of her cries…

Can an Automatons Heart Break?

Can an Automatons Heart Break? 3.50/5 (70.00%) 2 votes

I long to hear the whirring of my gears and gadgets. 
The gentle “putt putt putt” of my motor pumping oil through the conduits they call veins.

The clink and the clank of each servo doing what it is designed to do. 
A pressure regulator with the label:  “H.R.T. made in Taiwan” doing nothing more than ……

An End Restarted; A Dream Revisited.

An End Restarted; A Dream Revisited. 3.00/5 (60.00%) 2 votes

(Here on this site, I choose to begin this again.  My hands move slower than they once did.  Better slowly than the fevered pace that once threatened to overwhelm me.  My thoughts as always, turn to her.  Still I wonder how she fares.  What power we give to others over our feelings!)

You healed my heart and broke ……