Warm Winter

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Sensing the approach of dark grey clouds
Feeling cold breezes passing through me
Looking for my own shadow
Beyond the horizon of my visual perception
Longing for the fall of the first raindrop
Summer is sad for the time it had this year
As winter had almost found its way here
Rain in winter is nothing but summer’s tears

Fear consumes me every single year during this time
Depression controls my own soul like clouds in the sky
Loneliness overtakes the freedom I had felt in summer
But this year with you nothing of the above can occur

Showers will fall soon like rivers from the goddess
With you by my side I always have a shelter to save me
Cold shall freeze everything even grass turns to yellow
In the warmth of your love beating heart for sure I’ll be
Feeling security touching tranquility grasping lovability
Thunder strikes are struggling racing which to hit earth first
But for that word from your lips my ears are already in thirst
White snowflakes will cover this land and turn it to another pole
Seeing love in you hypnotizing eyes will be my eyes’ only goal

This Christmas I have no requests from Santa
As I had my gift much earlier when god sent me you
This year there’s no need for me buying wine
As I would long for your lips every time I feel thirsty
This winter I have no jackets to wear my dear
As long as I have your arms to embrace me when I’m cold
This Valentine’s Day I don’t have to sleep early alone
As I will love you not all day long but all days long or short

In this particular moment I’m writing this and I want you
In this particular moment I’m writing this and I need you
In this particular moment I’m writing this and I miss you
In this particular moment you’re reading this and I want you
In this particular moment you’re reading this and I need you
In this particular moment you’re reading this and I miss you

In every single moment whether it’s winter spring summer or autumn
I’m wanting you, needing you, missing you, and LOVING YOU

Three Questions

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Usually I think what have I done to deserve this pain
It feels like something is running within my veins
It’s something intangible
It’s something valuable
I’ve heard once that pain can become addictive
I remember laughing once I’ve heard that adjective
It’s something logical
It’s something valuable
Of course I do not mean pain in it definable meanings
Best things in life can make us cry like love and feelings
For me there’s another name for pain it’s called “YOU”
You are the intangible and your presence is valuable
You are the logical addiction and you are the lovable
You represent all the definable meanings
You summarize all the existing feelings
And now you may understand my question
What have I done to deserve “YOU” in my life?

Had you ever missed someone like I constantly do
Even when we’re talking I feel that I’m missing you
I never got bored of listening to the voice talking to me
Like the voice of a sea shell singing the sound of the sea
It’s something attractive
It’s something adaptive
I’ve heard once that distance can be destructive and cruel
For lovers who are separated miles apart
I remember hearing that it’s the first step in breakup rules
But it’s ineffective when I miss you
While you’re lying here within my heart
It’s something provocative
It’s something prerogative
For me there’s another name for longing it’s called “You”
You are the attractive and your voice is the adaptive
Your absence is provocative and your presence is prerogative
You are the core waves formed in the sea
You are the voice God talks through to me
And you may understand my second question
What have I done to deserve that “YOU” in my life?

Thinking about people’s chances in life
Some people get it all and the rest strive
As I constantly remind myself I don’t want it all
There is that one tiny thing I aim for
It’s love versus nothing there is no or
It’s something like gamble
It’s something like scramble
The only thing that’s worse than one is none
Even if I lose there’s something to be done
Few are those who deserve what they take
Most people spend their nights dreaming awake
It’s something truly valid
It’s something deeply Solid
For me there’s another name for chance it’s called “YOU”
Making you a part of life is the ultimate gamble
While your absence makes it a game of scramble
Maybe I’m delusional, maybe I got lost
But not every song is made only by its rhymes
And you may now understand my third question
If love is forsaken and driven by St. Valentine
Then why are your feelings driven by Jack Frost
I find it to tell you that my statements are valid
No love can spread freely out of something that solid.

~slow dance~

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Take my hand,
Step in closer
Let me feel your bossom
How your heart roves at…
Now draw a leg aback
And bring it forth again
let me take you about,
in a little dance session.
How you like the twinkle lights,
How you like the chill
(How I love your breath! How I love the arcs in you eyes!)
My knees shudder, weak…
I know, yours too.
I see you stagger a little
And I hold your small.
The song still plays,
But the rhythm changes thus…
Slowly, your chin falls onto my shoulder
My heart begins to shudder…
My hands begin dancing to the tune
Fingers working your way.
In a feetle, rubbing tenderly.
You move in closer,
Your bosom against mine.
As though losing grip,
My cheek rubs onto your own.
I feel the tender peck you plant on it.
(Its a magic turn)
Our lips lock!
You kiss by the book and I, like a crook…
What a perfect trance!
We’re off to the brook!
My fingers express mastery
Moving about gingerly.
Unfastening the clips.

You tilt your bosom aback
And give away your apples,
My mouth does justice,
Sharp pecks about.
Soft moans-music,
As the motion grows intense!
My curious hands find way beneath your short jean skirt;
My finger tips smooth tap your smoothies
(Its magic still, and more…)
The lingerie…
I don’t know
All I know is my fly flies low
And a grand voyage to the slip-soft of you…
Tenderly trading back and forth,
You’re speaking animal language.
A luxurious light sparkles in your eyes…
You begin to shiver
Your fists clench my sides…
And one loud moan,
It comes with a feel I hardly understand
My back curls,
And tap
We’re at the height of Verona bower.
My back rests on the glass pillar.
I begin to recover,
And realize the whole club has had a treat to a movie…
(What happened Hinkle?) she whispers
Slow dance…
Thats my response.

Gone dreaming

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I hear Mother Nature’s loud footsteps
Walking up to her lovely son

She, with her soft hands caresses his bold head
Sending him into a feel of relaxation.
The chill soon sweeps him off to a world…
A land, so divided from the ordinary
A world where all could be heroes
And all could be villains
A world where a lunatic sits in a throne,
Judging not fellow lunatics but men of brains

In scattered templates of imagery
In the faintest of vision
In the realest of reality
A world lovable or detestable thus
A world that you soon won’t love to lose

But soon, comes a slight tap
Onto the sense of stupidity
And out we come,
Wishing to have stayed some more time
Wishing we could own that world, just another time!

Looking upon the past,
So many toys have I lost
And castles so vast
But all seems a ghost
In my nude mind, they came and clothed me in garments so noble
Escaping from this…
This world I am used to
This world of lies
This world of presumptions
This world of color
And facts of lies:
The world of dreams.

Long Term Memory

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It should be long over now.  Years and distance and silence fall between us as an abyss, uncrossable and immeasurably wide.  There should be no trace on you in my thoughts, nor a shadow of you in my memory; Time heals all wounds.

Yet still I can taste your lips on mine, still I can see your face so clearly.  I can track the smell your perfume in a crowd to a single woman, irrationally hoping against hope that it will be you.

It never is.

Years and distance and silence fall between us, and our lives have grown so far apart.

I should be allowed to forget.

I can still smell the heavy air, the trees and the wind.  We were together, and separate.  Connected, and disconnected.  I came because you asked me to, as I always will.  We did our best to create the illusion everyone expected, but I was so tired of those games.  I walked outside, away from that throng of people, just needing that air, and the peace of being alone.  Soon you were there again, and for once you seemed to really understand where I was headed.  You stepped closer.  A look passed between us.  Our lungs reported the cold of the air in visual clouds of exhalation.  Hesitation on your tongue, you reach for my hand.  I could not move, nor speak nor think.  Closer, warmer and more immediate with each moment, you pressed against me.  Building towards such a powerful and desperate screaming need, and yet when we submitted, it was the softest kiss I ever gave or received.  The sky opened then and the snow fell.  Every snow that falls brings me back to that moment.  I have never again felt a kiss that so clearly said “I love you”.

I have felt that kiss on my lips everyday since, despite the years and distance and silence.

I should be allowed to forget.

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