My Safe Place

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My safe place is seeing your face

My safe place is at your place

My safe place is getting that one special kiss

My safe place is the place I will miss

My safe place is where I can cut all I want

My safe place is where you love to taunt

My safe place is no longer around

My safe place is where I make no sound

My safe place is in my head

My safe place is where I’m dead!

I’m so Confused

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I’m starting to forget your sweet voice

I’m beginning to doubt at my choice

Right now there seems no worse a fate

But for you it is much too late

In your absence the thoughts still come

Unbidden and unwanted, leaving me numb

Thinking up scenarios that never would exist

The scale of terror I’m feeling I cannot list

I don’t want to forget you, the promise you bade

But when you go the memories slowly fade

And then you come back and I remember my heart

And the depth of it gives me a start..

What can I possibly do

When I feel like this for you?

Please stay

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My heart is an open wound constantly battered constantly abused,

always tattered always torn it’s been that way since the day I was born.

My whole life has been filled with neglect, pushed away,

loathed and treated with uncanny disrespect. So please understand

I’m not trying to push you away…my heart begs you to stay..

please don’t ever go away…no one but you makes me feel this way..


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Im so bored, I dream,

Of money, of power, of strength.

I want my pockets to have length.

I want more.

I dream more.

I dream of beautiful prairies,

Of blue birds or Jays.

I dream of butterflies and sunny days.

My dreams have wonderful ways.

They smile, laugh, and love.

My dreams reach the sky above.

Money, money, money is what I dream.

My dreams have soul, My dreams are live.

Me and my dreams strive, for better not worse.

I dream for the love of money.