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Velvet walls surround my sorrow

Wonders at the lack of tomorrow

A shattered memory of illumination

Tangled within it, constant information

Every inch is a confliction

But the stark reality is my addiction

Never once halt the retreat

The catalyst of your own defeat

Gaze toward the unknown

See destruction, all windblown

Find the star, the concious of your being

Take the time to remember what you’re seeing

Admit the wrong in how you think

Tie your ankles and make yourself sink

Forget the world, draw in on yourself

Put all your worries away on a shelf..

Let them build up, and burn, and seethe

Look within and embrace whats beneath

Senseless Sun

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Why would you try closing this door
Kick it all out, tearing me to the floor
Turning my life into a misery
I find it hard to understand this mystery
Can’t you yet see the heart of me?

I can’t tell what’s fake from what’s real
I can’t identify what I suppose to feel
All this agony,
my ultimate fear
Desperately hoping to disappear
But you keep breaking me down
You’re the darkest enemy of your own.

If I could stand up and take all the outcoming blame
But I won’t bother myself knowing it’ll be the same
A heart born without a tagging sensational name
Will forever after non-changing senseless remain

So many dreams went on without any sacrifice
So many years kept in vanity living hell in paradise
No more fear,
Just don’t stay near
I can’t stand you here
Your storm is over, now its time for her sunrise

Time has come to taste the rage
Time has come to end your age

I Used to Fly

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I used to fly across the ocean deep,
But now i fallen with these broken wings.
It’s hard for me to find my way to leap.
Now it is like i lost my voice to sing,
For everything is forsaken i hope to keep.
I used to fly with no regret in mind.
Now i see a storm has fallen upon me.
As i dig and search for answers to lined,
It’s too hard for me to look for the key,
For I have no one to help keep the bind.
I used to remember everything i do,
As i would laugh and play without a care,
For I was very little and young to boo,
Now i know things i faced, i had to bare.
I realized everything at an age i wish i never would.
I used to fly across the ocean deep,
With no regret in mind to care a bit.
As i tried now to find my way to leap,
The search i dig had made my answers lit,
Because i used to remember i would laugh and play.


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Prayer is just a gift from god,
For him to get to you.
No one can tell me god ain’t good,
I know it isn’t true!

He listens to me day and night,
Of every single day.
Just bow your head, open arms, and
Begin to pray.

I’ve been through so very much &
He still sticks around.
God is the only one that really listens to my sound.

I wonder why he put me here, I’ll even ask him that.
It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, he still will answer back!

The End Is Near

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I feel as if the end has begun.
There’s no time left to care.
Because what I want has never come.
I have nothing left to share.

What I thought was love,
Has turned into hate.
The feelings I had.
Will all disintegrate.

I have waited for
Someone to find me.
That never happened
There’s no one besides me.

They all tell me
God will save you.
If I ever see him
I’ll tell him, “F@*K YOU”

What I have been through
Nobody can see.
They tell me, I’ll get through it.
It’s not that easy.

This is one that
Will haunt me til death.
So I quit trying to forget
Because there is nothing that’s left.