Past Life Regression

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Sit in the chair and just relax.
Remain real still and close your eyes.
Imagine my voice is playing the sax.
My words are music through joyous cries.

I’ll take you back to years gone past.
Past life regression is the only way.
For life it seems is way too fast.
And it brought you to me this very day.

Are those thoughts real, you ask yourself.
Are these thoughts mine, you ponder now.
The words are spoken with much regret.
For lives gone lost, to learn not how.

My voice is soothing, my voice is strong.
My voice is speaking, an inner song.
A song once spoken, a song that rhymes.
Within my head, most every time.

When you ask yourself, once all is done.
Did I learn a lesson, to dream not one.
Move onward to, the next big choice.
A silent song, an inner voice.

Nostalgic Ave

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One more soul taken to the call

It would be so much easier to climb if I could not fall

But I, and this is why, am the reason to write

My calcium cavities vent at the curtains of night

And as their gilded feathers rush to the day’s light…

I smite the logical chances to put up a fight

That’s right

Don’t force the source, just take its course

But of course, top flights are above the horse

No remorse; life’s coins spend at choice

As the bars of petals that voice…

Voice as to which power anoints

But draw caution

I’ll weep as witch at sight of ditch

Controls are washing

They won’t switch and only wonder as wish

Upon speckle on the mountain of echoes

Let go of the dreams you believe

Because, because, because “you will never achieve”

Says the greed

My unstable mind makes it hard to lead

The pond of fond memories misleads

It leads to the guards of leaves and make it hard to breathe

But not of envious air

Only retribution accounts for the care

And to nowhere is there to take

Their hair is scared and drips from lake

Electrocution was lost in words

But it was not there, nor was it heard

So I tell you so

You will not grow if you never go…

Down Nostalgia Avenue and renounce what you know

My Hospital Stay

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The first step to an unknown world of differences, I took it

I cried and I lied and don’t trust you, but now here I sit
As I sit on the dusty floor of the hospital room
I’m wondering if they’ll help me out of my mindful tomb?
I can’t think, I can’t write, I can’t even believe
My emotions flicker and I want to die, or so I perceive

The lady comes in, and checks on my health
Asks me about home, about the family’s wealth
She asks about emotional safety, or in my case, the lack of
And I blurt out yes, my mother has an absence of love
When asked about my suicide, I answer with honesty
Because when it comes to getting better, I want too. Honestly.

Your Cold

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Winter had almost made it here
Nature around tells it’s so near
Yellowish leaves everyday fall
Giving a goodbye kiss for fall
Rain and snow will fall soon
As dark clouds hide the moon

I can already percept the cold
As thunder strikes inside of me
Another season I’m about to fold
Missing the person who could give me
The warmth simply through an embrace

For many years I’ve suffered your absence
From childhood tears till late adolescence
Seasons repeatedly changed again and again
Ahead of my face as wrinkles consume parts of it
But all I could feel was a tear drawing a stain
And a memory dissecting my heart bit by bit

I’ve seen my future drawn up in the blue skies
You’re there but now not it’s something I can’t see
I’ve seen my past falling before my tearful eyes
Crashing down at the speed of a flashing light
Unlike those autumn leaves falling from the tree
The promises you made never seemed that tight

Take away your memories and promises
Take away my dreams and consciousness
Winter is almost here, and I got used to the cold.


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I guess I was mistaken when I read your note

I guess I was mistaken when I thought “always” meant exactly what you wrote

I guess “always” was always a lie

And I guess “always” doesn’t even cross your mind

Just know you always cross my mind

I’ll sit and I’ll think until the end of time

I’ll sit and I’ll think until nothing comes to mind

Love always wins

Love always wins by RecycledStarDust