Follow Your Dreams

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Wasn’t there a day when you were young,
taking orders and holding your tongue?
Wanting to prove you have what it takes
knowing you will make it, despite your mistakes.Wasn’t there a time when you fell in love,
the kind of love one only dreams of.
And wasn’t there those who had some doubts
before knowing what it was all about?

So hear me when I say I think it’s unfair
when all you say is that we’re going nowhere.
And it’s unfair how you can already decide
the future of my life and how I feel inside.

You say don’t become a statistic as you stereotype my face.
You think you know me yet cannot put yourself in my place,
trying to follow dreams and follow them through,
with everyone saying they’re too good to be true.

When we were together

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When we were together
My life had meaning.
Now that we’re apart
I have nothing to live for.

When we were together
I felt like I could do anything
Now that we’re apart
Im no longer sure.

When we were together
My life was at its peak.
Now that wer’e apart
My heart feels so weak.

When we were together
I had many things to say.
Now that we’re apart
I can no longer speak.

Your stray bullet

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Last night, we put on the cruise control
and switched on the autopilot

Travelled thru the night
just me and you
with the moon overhead

Caught by your stray bullet
I lost sight and direction
Caught by your stray bullet
I found a connection

We were in the presence of memories
flashing cameras
capturing moments

In a perfect world
there was no timeframe
In a perfect world
tomorrow wil have never come

Now i sit here today
empty room…. me and my pen

Digging myself deeper
my words are always free
Digging myself deeper
It’s so typical of me

Back at the start
Im pushing away
I hope you kept a place in memory

I will be here
but keeping hope is tough
I will be here
when will that be enough

What do I have to do?

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What do I have to do?
I can’t tell you
Use your brain
To see Im in pain
Agony in fact
Has deep impact
Crushing hopes dreams and ambitions
With no inhibitions
You could at least try
To stop shouting when I cry
To stop nagging when Im down
Or stop talking when I frown
Work with me
Not against me
Push me along
Not back to where Im from
Im trying so hard to pick myself up
But Im stuck
And you’re not helping

What do I have to do?
To show I need you
I can’t kneel on the ground
You’ll kick me around
My insides already bruised and broken
My words already spoken
Your ears always shut
And you can’t even look
At the daughter that came from you

You must be ashamed

So am I

We're keeping afloat

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Hanging around this sinking ship, how’d this start?
you’re breaking down, and you’re falling apart
Splinters of you in my skin
apart of me now, you’re breaking in
Let’s recover that old treasure chest
grab our memories and burn the rest
Dusting off reminders is an act so jaded
looking back at a picture now faded
So I will rebuild you one more time
commit just one more crime
Piece by piece I put you back together
out alone in this stormy weather
I show you my weakness
but thru your eyes Im speechless
So close those eyes, enjoy the ride
and imagine the things we’ll learn tonight
“We’re keeping afloat.” Yeah you might be right
but everything seems so black or white
So open those eyes, see the grey
I’ve boarded a lifeboat, and floated away.