I hope I will find you right beside me

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The future is always right before us
that path getting closer with every step we take
Littered with the chances
and opportunities we must take

I will look back from time to time
at the trail we covered with broken branches
I will brush aside autumn leaves to uncover
footprints where we broke and ran once

And if I look back just for long enough
I might see your reasons
imprinted by our running toes
and weathered by four seasons

But for now I will keep walking on
trying not to look behind me
and I hope that when I turn my head
I will find you right beside me.

Everything I did was just for you

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Everytime you tell me that he’ll never ever call,
Makes me think more and more, that he doesn’t care at all.
He’ll never be around to catch you if you fall,
Or help you solve your problems, whether they’re big or small.

He’ll never understand you like I do.
Or sacrifice the many things that I had to.
I always put maximum effort, though you never had a clue,
That everything I did, was just for you.

A friend like you

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You stray into my thoughts,
and I recall how many times you have held my hand
and guided me through the darkness
and showed me the light.
Then I think of the laughter you gave to me,
the smiles you brought to my eyes,
and the warmth you poured into my heart.

For those many gifts you have offered me,
I feel compelled to give something in return.
But what gift is worthy of such a friend like you?

I dig deep into my personal traits that make me me.
None of them seems just right.
For right now this is all I can give.
So please just sit tight.

Follow Your Dreams

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Wasn’t there a day when you were young,
taking orders and holding your tongue?
Wanting to prove you have what it takes
knowing you will make it, despite your mistakes.Wasn’t there a time when you fell in love,
the kind of love one only dreams of.
And wasn’t there those who had some doubts
before knowing what it was all about?

So hear me when I say I think it’s unfair
when all you say is that we’re going nowhere.
And it’s unfair how you can already decide
the future of my life and how I feel inside.

You say don’t become a statistic as you stereotype my face.
You think you know me yet cannot put yourself in my place,
trying to follow dreams and follow them through,
with everyone saying they’re too good to be true.