Half heart

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Inside of my soul
A fiery delight
Burning a hole
Through my hearts truthful plight
I turn to the life, the times of my mind
I turn from the fires of the forthrightful fight
These paths that I’ve taken
Be they right or wrong?
These decisions I’ve maken
Shall torment my nights
I throw down the forests, burning the tree’s
I tend to my selfish pleading and fall to my knees
I lift up my head, I stare to the sky, I wallow inside of my mind
I turn through the pages of my creative thoughts and decieve without taking much time

Alexa Sharpe

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You’re in the Phillipines right now
I know
You’re telling what you went through and how.
Yes you are.
But Im just a friend
Upon me you may always depend.
That’s true.
Im just a girl younger than you
That doesn’t understand things as well as you do.
Im pathetic.
Getting along with each other’s easy
It’s simple.
Yeah it is.
Now you’re gone for summer
My heart’s wheezy.
But I know you’re coming back
So I will Wait.
Yes I will.

Stained glass eyes

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I look to a girl with so much class,
My eyes stare like broken glass,
The shards of tears flood the floor
For every single drop replaces two more,

For no one can wipe away my tears,
They are of pain condensed by fears,
The girl I crave find me not,
Always forgotten until I rot,

But when get consumed by the black,
Never to live or ever come back,
So I hold your heart close to mine,
And for once in my life I feel fine