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Million voices muffle, slowly fade out.

You rid yourself of fear and doubt.

Crawling up to that dark place.

Red hot knuckles bruise your face.

Scarlet fluid spills on your shirt.

Drops of sweat wash off the dirt.

Animal instincts set in motion,

Seeing survival as the only notion.

Deafening thud – as carcass hits the ground.

You kneel, you hold his head still, you pound.

Emotions come rushing back.

Straight face remains, heart pitch black.

Opponent down, money earned.

Another victory, another lesson learned.

Sounds of police sirens are getting close.

Leaving the scene, you think of the life you chose.

Never Give Up

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Long golden hair, beautiful eyes, a heart so generous, it always supplies…She often “hides” behind a disguise, she does all of this, to no-ones surprise…Laughing & joking to hide the pain, but the tears inside are to to constrain…Many years of abuse, has made her cold, the constant neglect has taken hold…

Life’s lessons were learned, she’s made mistakes, when the sun starts to rise, her body aches…Addiction is deep, we all try to pretend, it’s hard to turn back, it often leads to one end…

If you really believe, & have faith in the Lord, make the right choice, & your life will re-store…I truly believe in karma & fate, when one hurts another, their hearts full of hate…

All through the years, people come & go, as we search for our soul mate, we learn & we grow…Jesus has blessed you, just look all around, you’re never alone…it’s not a ghost-town…

Believe when I say, sometimes I’m jealous, I’m always alone, & I often feel helpless…The man that I loved, was patient & kind…but he turned his back & left me behind…I cried on your shoulder, fell to my knees, you hated him for this, you were very dis-pleased…

You pulled me right up, straight out of my rut, told me to stay strong & to never give up…Now take the advice, that you have given to me…when you stay strong, you can only succeed…

You can beat this addiction, just clear your mind, you will see life is beautiful, you will no longer be blind…please open your eyes & continue to pray, never give up, this may sound cliche, but believe in yourself & follow your heart, stay strong though all this, and your life will re-start!

Cheer Up

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Here’s a letter,
from me to you.
Things get better.
If you always remember,
not to be blue,
just push through.

Start with a laugh,
on my behalf.
Or a giggle will do,
maybe with a piece of fondue.

I write to cheer,
So, won’t you smile?
Even for a little while.
Just be sincere,
and everything will be clear.

I hope there’s a grin on your face,
please, anything will do – except a sigh,
Because it’s time for me to say, goodbye.

Whispering Songs

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Something hidden deep inside, the center of your stare.
Who’d of thought you’d let it hide, almost out of fear.
You knew back then, the time would come, to listen to this near.
Each and every loved one, you’ve gathered through the years.

You can take the time and ponder, and bask in what’s to come.
Each of you are holding hands, and singing a faint song.
The lullaby that comes right forth, is missing one more thing.
It’s the part that comes and goes, but listen when it sings.

The songs that make us laugh out loud.
The songs that sound like love.
The songs you hum in larger crowds.
Sang soflty like a dove.

To realize hymns and soft rejoice, we sing when we’re asleep.
And hear it from a strangers voice, this message you must keep.
Remain real still and close your eyes, take everything all in.
If it’s not perfect and you hear cries, then lavish thee with sin.

There will come a time, there will come a place.
When these few words, will not replace.
The inner thing you almost sought.
But in the end, you fought and fought.
And it slipped right out the door.  Hope to seek much more.

More of that what I am

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I got so much of my own…

Can’t walk away from all i have known…

Darkness crawl under my skin, tripping on thrones…

Black birds circles over dusty broken bones…

Am running to see how i would do..!

Without you without how i used to do..!

Lightening strikes still the darkness prevails..

Over the grey trees as Sun fades..

So I hold myself when i see it come…

More of that what i am…

Dropping all except that i won’t ever lift..!

To take me down beyond these painful rifts..!