If you must burry me

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If you must burry me
burry me now
burry me today
my dreams are fading
My hopes disappearing
and I’m scared of living
im done faking
throwing smiles your way
im done laughing
get out of my way
I want to find my grave
im dead already don’t you see
this body is useless to me
my grave, my body and my head must be found
they have to be burried underground
today, tonight, right now
if you must burry me I wish that
you would have done it
by now


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Ugly me, ugly you
Why I don’t look good as they do
Tied, tired but still tried
Pitied you as often others do

Laugh as they do
Spit as they will
Conceal and obscure
For I envy so will

Blame him blame them
For fate doesn’t change
Let me die, let me die
For prayers seem unheard

Let me wear a mask
Let me wear a cask
For desires cut like a blade
Too deep and unseen

Caterpillars or maggots
Finally transformed
Prince and goddess
Finally they rule

Pretend like they never grow
Fame and beauty they show
For love they never chew
Pity you, shame on you

And for sorrow they always know
Deep inside you always do
It’s the real you
And the ugly me

Old Friend

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You came unexpectedly
Don’t even bother to say
Sitting on a corner with a black coffee
Feeling so comfy, trying to be cozy

Hello there my old friend
You still look the same
Tell me how long it has been
Do we have to pretend?

Damn you, shame on you
You’re like falling debris
Shattering every dream
Making me insane

Wish you could see
How time molds me
This is no longer the old me
Waking up is not easy
It was too early
Reminiscing where to stay
In the darkness I used to play

The world is much more cruel

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Marks on the inside
make it even with the out.
I will show you tough love
and what it’s all about.
I might as well bleed here
with you & a razor in your hand
I don’t feel alive anymore,
& I don’t know where I stand.
press the blade against my skin,
hit an unpleasant violet red
soon it will be too late
I will already be dead.
thank you for never noticing
when I walk in, sleeves of blood
. And for never realizing
it wasn’t just an accidental cut.
please don’t shed a tear for me
when I’m drowning in a crimson pool.
but even with the razor, so sharp,
the world is much more cruel.

I will come to you

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When you have no light to guide you
and no one to walk beside you
I will come to you
when the night is dark and stormy
you won’t have to search for me
when you don’t know how or why
but you have lost your way
have new fear when your dreams are falling
I will hear your spirit calling
and I swear I will be there
see even if we cannot be together now and forever
and I swear that I will be there
we all need somebody we can turn to
someone who will always understand
so even if your soul is dying
and you need the strength to keep trying
I’ll reach out and take your hand
for I will come to you.