Gone but There

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Gone but There
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Day by day,
Night by night,
I’d never let,
Him out of sight.

Creep out of bed,
Open the door,
Just see him,
There once more.

Back to bed,
And off to sleep,
But in my dream,
I weep and weep.

I wake up fast,
And run next door,
The bed is vacant,
He’s gone once more.

I take a seat,
And smell the air,
Physically gone,
But spiritually there.

Confused Life

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Confused Life
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Like a flower,
Too late to bloom,
Things happen too fast,
They happen too soon.
Decisions yet,
Still undecided,
Feeling confused,
And under minded.
Feeling big,
But metaphorically small,
Wishing I,
Wasn’t here at all.
Worst of all,
Feeling cheated,
Wishing I were,
But life hits us,
At a great force,
When we think it can’t,
Life WILL get worse.

How do I tell you

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How do I tell you
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How do I tell you

how do I tell you when your not listening
how do I tell you the words that your missing
how do I tell you the way you make me feel
if the words that Im saying don’t seem to be real
how do I tell you when you turn away
baby believe me your my sunshiny day
how do I tell you your my only one
baby I can’t when you say this talk is done
if you wanna play your games
if you wanna scream and shout
when I wanna say I love
sometimes I really doubt your lies
sometimes I scream your name
but if your not there to listen
I shouldn’t get the blame
you can’t hold me when I cry
you can’t wipe my tears away
oh baby can’t you see there is nothing I can say
so how do I tell you