All I ever do is fail

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Dead like a rose, cut like a wrist
Guarantee I won’t be missed
Cold like winter, stale like bread
You’ll be better off when I am dead
Useless like trash, worthless like shit
I am going bit by bit
mean like a bitch, empty like a hole
life is taking its toll
hard like bricks, screwed over like betrayal
all I ever do is fail
mad as hell miserable like a rainy day
I don’t deserve the sun’s ray
black as my soul, clumsy like a fall

Wonderful Smile

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I have no doubt
that it’s you I can’t live without
I need you and I want you
but more importantly people need you too
you are so great
you are impossible to hate
you are always there
you always seem to care
your words can save a life
stop them from using a knife
(you saved me that’s for sure)
you shine in the light
even at night!
you keep people standing tall
you never let them fall

A smile is precious, a smile is free
what a wonderful sight a smile can be
I will tell you a secret, one that is true
the smile that Im wearing
was put there by….YOU

thanks so much James you changed my life

New Start

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For those who are suicidal

I know your thoughts I feel your pain,
but to kill yourself there’s nothing to gain.
Let him or her see your smile so bright,
Even if you have to wear it with a fight.
Don’t cry over them for it’s their loss,
Just rid your life and become your own boss.
You are far too sweet and you have a big heart,
And with them out of your life you can have a new start.