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Am I a dreamer?

If I say one day I will be a winner
One day I will make it big
And my parents shall feel proud of me
That day I shall succeed
But still remain the same girl as I used to be
And the world shall see.

Nothing will change
Even if that will look so strange
The same economy class
The same public bus
Still the same walk, same knock
Who cares who shall talk!

Because anyway, that’s how my life shall be like
And my life shall still rock.

You did

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You did this to me
But that view is one you don’t see
You are blind to what has become
With each hit, you feel more numb

I take it on for both of us
With this cold I lose trust
You’ve done to me what’s been done to you
It is all your fault, you caused this shade of blue

I will hate you, I promise that
That is the pain we end at
My thoughts of you will end
My heart will begin to mend

I thought I knew you
I thought you were true
But now I know they were right
This is a battle I shouldn’t fight

I see myself down the road
Far away from this pain and cold
I live in sunshine and happiness
It’s there I find forgiveness

Go on to those you wanted more
There will come a time when you hit the floor
But I won’t be there
I won’t care

It is you who is alone
You have no place to call home
I took my heart back
Because of everything you seem to lack.

My Life

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I don’t know what to do with my life
Do I settle down, become a good wife
Or do I follow my many dreams
As I listen to my family’s screams
It’s not an easy decision to make
And I could end up making a huge mistake
I don’t want to disappoint anybody
Though, in the end I might disappoint everybody
I thought I had my future planned out
But now there are few things I’m sure about
I’m no longer sure what tomorrow will bring
Maybe new friends, a job, or a ring
My life has become one big blur
This is not the life I would prefer
I want to go back to when life was black or white
Back to when the right answer was bright
Back to the time when I knew what to do
And which of my friends I knew would stay true
I’m running out of time to make my decision
I hope my future is everything I envision
It’s time for me to take a break
This is what Im thinking about as I lie awake
I do not know where I belong
I don’t know if I can handle being wrong
I want to follow my heart wherever it may lead
Cause I know deep down it will let me succeed

Move On

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Questions in my heart
bothering me all day and night
I don’t know when to start
asking this person why
I know I can’t, coz Im shy

Please give me a clue
coz these questions are glued
I don’t know why I am so worried
I think this has been burried
so deep that no one can dig

I can’t get it out of my mind
I just need him here by my side
I can’t believe this
why am I so obsessed?
and Im so clueless

Moving on is my only option
to forget this emotion
eventhough without an answer
with this question bothering me everywhere
but I can’t do it, I swear.