Why you, why me

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I’ve tried to walk away
Perhaps got afraid so easily
Crazy you don’t even know me
Still you’ve liked me
Sharing moments together
Melodies play so softly
As time passes gently Indeed,
it’s just you and me
Why you, why me
Foolish to say
But we’ve liked it anyway
Whatever they may say
Cruel world
You fled right away
Poor me, got lost so easily
Crying seems endlessly
Day by day
I’ve longed
For words you might say
For the love I’ve lost
Once in my day
Seems to cling up to this day
Forgive me for I loved you so dearly
And always will be…

No one's there

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No one’s there for me when I’m down
No one’s there because they all left town
No one’s there to cheer me when I frown
And no one’s there to help me when I drown

I hate being lonely in a world so old
Because I have no one to hold
Because here is so cold
and here there is no gold

In this world I live in
Everything spins
There’s no way I can begin
And there’s no way I can win

I need help from someone I knew
Because I really don’t have a clue
I need help on how to
Escape this world I’m into

Help me escape this world that doesn’t exist
And please do help me resist
I am already dizzy in this fucking twist
And I already have a cut on my wrist

When everything turns the other way
And the clouds turns to gray
Help me to get away
Because I am very tired to play…

Story of Weed

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This is the story of a weed
To which no one would feed.
While it’s partner the rose,
Was the one everybody choose.
To be ripped away,
Only made the weed determined to stay.
The rose on the other hand
Was the superior of the land.
What would once make the rose blossom and bloom,
Will turn out to be its doom.
The weed will then pay its respects,
and show who was treated the best.
For the weed knew,
That the rose would someday suffer too.
That day struck,
and came without luck.
The rose wilted with the guilt
It had once in splendid built.
It then realized
It had only worn a disguise.
A disguise that brought the attention
That would have never been mentioned.
For the first time the rose looked up at the weed,
and felt the feeling of greed.
It questioned why
It would in pain die.
Or why it had the need to cry.
But what hurt the rose the most,
Was knowing the life it had chose.
It was born into seeing only its brilliance,
and now slowly dies learning the meaning and virtue of persistence.

A Hug

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Hugs can be brief and pleasant
or they can be lasting and warm.
But whether the hug be short or long,
it can ease the darkest storm.

A hug is to make you feel safe
and to let you know I care.
It’s to make the fearful moments,
a little easier to bear.

When I have my arms around you,
I feel no worries or alarm.
It’s then I know without a doubt,
to you there can come no harm.

But if we were to look more closely,
the truth we’d clearly see.
The hugs we share to comfort you,
are really helping me.

Your hugs fill an empty place,
that’s been in my heart for years
A hug from you is the best way,
to dry up these age old tears.