Life is a chance

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Life is a chance we all have to take.
Don’t be down just learn from your mistakes.
Just do what you think, feels right in your heart.
Be very careful though, it can tear you apart.
You try to figure out on which way to go.
Maybe it would be the right one, only you know.
Live life to the fullest and enjoy your time.
It can all go away at the drop of a dime.
Anything can happen, whether it’s good or bad.
Only you know, what you want and what you had.
Is there anybody that would really know
How life is actually supposed to go?

True Feelings

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We all have that wish, we want it to come true.
We want it to succeed, but not sure what to do.
So some just expect, to keep it all in their dreams.
Others make it happen in any way that it seems.
All of us know, to just do what feels right.
Even if it means we have to put up a fight.
Just go with your heart, even if you have to give in.
But you’ll get what it is, that you want in the end.
Whether it’s worth it depends on what you do.
That’s when you figure out, if the feelings are for you.


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It was a cold, windy night,
all surrounded by light.
It wasn’t the best of years,
as it all ended in tears.

It was dull, wet and very grey,
nothing to do but sit and pray.
As my granddad was very ill,
then that night he just stopped still.

The feeling you cannot explain,
but you could see, he was no longer in pain.
He was warm, still and had colour,
but after an hour his colour turned to sorrow.

Then the men came and took him away,
‘Why’? is all I could say.
After the days had past,
I got to see him at last.

I can still see him now,
all dressed in a suit,
He felt as hard as marble, I wondered how?

Then the final day approached,
no more granddad, I got ill but managed to cope.
I still remember the person he was,
the laugh’s, the jokes and the love he had for us,
I’ll never forget or give up hope,
that I’ll meet him again,
until then I’ll have to cope

Times Essence

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What day will we die?
Who really can know?
So, while we’re still living,
Let’s give it a go!
Go talk to your neighbor,
stop by, see a friend.
Take time for your family,
That rift you can mend.
I speak from experience,
if you’ve read what’s above.
I know see how time
connects with love.
See, I had a buddy,
a good friend of mine.
He said, “Let’s get together!”
I said, “That would be fine!
Yes, we must get together,
In a few days or so.”
Well, a few days went by,
but I didn’t go.
And now it’s too late,
I realize.
A few days ago, my good friend died.
You see, I’ve learned from this segment
of life I’ve gone thru.
I trust that this knowledge
has been passed on to you.
What day will we die?
Who really can say?
We may have a century,
or perhaps just a day.
Our time has a value,
too precious to lose.
How will we use it?
This we must choose.

Enjoy Life

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How deep can love run?
Sometimes it becomes a lot more than just a little fun.
When a fire is lit in your belly
then you look down and your legs have turned to jelly.
Jumping with joy hoping it will never end
Looking at your beautiful partner and thinking what a godsend.
To be or not to be, is that really the question?
Of course it is, what a ridiculous suggestion.
Faith is what keeps love alive.
Determination is what makes you thrive.
Relationships make life worth living.
If it weren’t for them we would have no beginning.
To the paths in life we choose.
That makes us who we are, even if we sometimes loose.
Don’t be sad everything in life must come to an end.
Just don’t try to relight a flame that we cannot mend.
The choice you make you do it for a reason.
Even if some might view it as slightly out of season.
Yes, we all face adversity and defeat.
But you’re the one who’s responsible for getting back on your feet!
Live, grow; enjoy what life has to offer.
Because when you’re old, you just look back and prosper.
Sitting there in a rocking chair reminiscing.
Thinking about all the things you have been missing.