Another Day

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Another Day
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As we open our eyes, and our day just begins.
Will this be another day we want to end?
As the day goes on and nothing works like it might.
Another one of those days, that nothing goes right.
Each second goes by and the day starts to fade.
It makes it seem like we’re just being played.
We get used to losing, and lower our standards.
There is no easy way, to put it into words.
The day starts to crumble and the pieces fall away.
Isn’t this just another lovely day?

Leap of Faith

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Leap of Faith
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What is it that makes you want to feel?
If it’s with your heart, if it’s fake or is it real.
You give all you got, until you can’t give anymore.
That will let you know, if what you feel is for sure.
Because when you have given all that you can.
That is when you see, who’ll give that extra hand.
The one that is there, when you open your eyes.
And the one that is honest, not just full of lies.
You make each other happy, from beginning to the end.
The one you can count on to be more than your friend.
How can you tell if your choice was a mistake?
If every time you think of it, it just makes you ache.
How do you know if this is the one that should stay?
When you think about it and it seems like yesterday.
They say that you will know, when the one comes for you.
What if we are blind and don’t even have a clue.
Or if we have had bad choices in the past.
How do we know, that this is the one that will last.
How will we ever know, if this one will be great?
They tell us we won’t know, to take the leap of faith.


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When will we know if this one is for real?
Some never will, just go by how you feel.
You can’t live without them for one single day.
You feel so alone and can’t live this way.
Will all of this really, go away in time?
Or is it something that, we’ll always feel inside?
Are you ever able to feel for someone again?
I guess we will find out, who wins in the end?
Life is a game, we play day by day.
Everybody plays, but some choose their own way.
The way you play, depends on what you choose.
It doesn’t really matter, because in the end you lose.
All that makes a difference is, you enjoy life every day.
Live life to the fullest and then you’ll lead the way.
Who knows about what we really should expect?
Nobody really knows, so we try to do our best.


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As I go through the day, I think about the best.
I could’ve made my life better, along with the rest.
Some of the ways, put some people down.
Most of them wouldn’t, even wanna be around.
They try to think about, ways to improve.
I don’t try to fix it, I just go with the groove.
I guess that’s the reason, I am where I’m at.
Just accept reality, it’s all just the facts.
Things won’t always work, in the ways that you like.
You learn to accept it, and move forward in life.
Times won’t always meet, the standards you expect.
So just expect the worst, and hope for the best.


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How can we tell if we should really be here?
Do we feel it inside, and just face our fear?
Some people don’t fear, the moment to be.
Others get scared about what they’ll see.
There are those that don’t care and wait for the day.
Others just want it and try to choose the way.
Which way is the best, should one feel the pain?
Or just make it quick, what will we gain?
Life is a journey that we all have to take.
Which way that it goes, depends on your mistake.
Some try to fix it and make everything right.
It doesn’t always work, even if we fight.
There’s only one thing that we all can guarantee.
And that is death, something pretty to see.