The Truth

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The Truth
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The way we get revenge, the way we start a fight.
The things that we would do, to get someone in spite.
The arguments and hostility, the moment they would know you.
Is it always just that easy,  to tell if someone’s true?
The anger in one’s self, the moment they could tell.
If one would make things up, and tell you how they felt.
Dishonesty and fiction, the myths and falsification.
All the different ways of telling the defamation.
When you try to tell something and make it with a twist.
Different ways of lying, when you should just be honest.

My Perspective

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My Perspective
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As I open my eyes, I think all about
What I have done wrong, to live in such a doubt.
Is there any way, to make it better again?
Life is a game that you will never win.
We try to make the best of what we can at the time.
Who knew it could all change at the drop of a dime?
The world crashes around you at the blink of an eye.
Nothing will work out, even if you try.
People all just think that I am negative.
I try to explain that there’s no other way to live.
If I try to think that it all will be good.
Then something else will happen, worse than it should.
So then I just plan all the things to go bad.
Because when I didn’t, I lost everything I had.
So I try to start over, hoping all is well.
Then it falls apart and makes my life a hell.
I quit trying to live expecting things to work my way.
I just open my eyes and live life day by day.

Our Secrets

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Our Secrets
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What have they done, that they try to hide?
We all have our things, we keep to our self.
If some people know, it might cause us hell.
We try to forget the things that cause grief.
Some of us have the memories that are deep.
The thoughts in our mind, might cause some shame.
But why feel that way, when we know who to blame.
Instead of the grief, let’s learn from mistakes.
Even the ones that others may make.
We all have our times that run through our head.
So let’s try to fix it and enjoy life instead.


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We all have that someone we can’t stand to be around.
We try to change the subject, because it puts us down.
And nobody knows who really is to blame.
When you think about them and all you see is shame.
It brings all the anger and makes other times sad.
If you were to see them, you’d think someone was bad.
They bring the headache and cause all your pain.
You try to avoid it, but it’s crying your name.
It has that voice, where you can’t walk away.
You find it to see that it’s all plain as day.
You try to avoid it, in any way you can.
It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s everywhere you stand.
So what would cross your mind, and what would you do?
When you look in the mirror and that someone’s really you.

The Past

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The Past
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As I think about how my past has been.
I know I’m not perfect, but how do I win?
What have I done, that feels like it’s right?
Nothing I can think of, not even worth a fight.
All has been mistakes, through everything I see.
Maybe that’s not it, I think the mistake is me.
I cause everybody grief, about anything I do.
Life would be better if it’s, not me, just you.
Would anybody notice, if I wasn’t here?
Probably so, but nobody would care.
It’ll just be another day, even if they did.
Tomorrow, you’re the past and your name is rarely said.
So give them all something, to remember us by.
But when I go away, I want nobody to cry.
Life has been a memory, that we all have been through.
So just let me go, at least it was me not you.