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I have this tightening knot
That grinds me to a halt.
Surely, all hasn’t been for naught
Like i’ve made some fault.

I expected too much,
rather too soon.
I dreamed of your touch,
instead I found your beautiful croone,
It brought me down to a lagoon.

For the first time,
I was cold and dreary,
Because of your chime.
So here i rhyme,
Trying to remain cheery.

For you see,
The pain came quick.
Thus came my plea ,
Don’t be a brick!

Hard and unyielding.
Let me in your door,
and I’ll be your shielding,
forever more.

Just a little longer,
Because Here, I sit and wait
Soon, I’ll be in your state,
Then maybe we can relate.


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Life wasn’t going well.
It was all but swell.
I wanted it all to end.
All I wanted was a friend.

I had heard of the Devil and his deals.
I thought he’d understand how it feels.
I pleaded with him for a good life.
Without knowing it would cause me strife.

I made a deal with the Devil.
Hoping in my life I would soon revel.
Instead I lost what mattered most.
And now I’m nothing but a ghost.

Happy Birthday

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Life ain’t always what it seems
The saying is what goes up must come down..except self esteem..
And look at you, look at how u turned out
How ur feelin, what’s your life about..
Notice any changes? Peepin all the phases?
Where’s the sweet girl, shy girl
The “where she at girl”
What a turn, what a kick flip to your world
How does it feel, feel to be real
F*ck blank tears, so useless
Add another age, n the old you is now one less..
Grasp the idea, this is your new persona..
Scream out, be happy
Look At you acting all like me…
How u like it? Like being free?
Chains been broken
Times been stolen
But get it back
Make it tick rock till its on track
Life’s been missing you
Welcome to the real world
What’s a party now with out my legal girl
Big step u takin, but make no mistake
Glad it took a devil to get with a angel
Look at the woman that makes
u made the wish before the cakes in
Got your strength and learned some lessons..
Now we look back just laughin
Look at all the shit u got in
What an influence in your life I’ve been…
But now its your day..
So party on, party on, take a shot
Girl celebrate..
It’s your birthday, what a day girl
It’s your re birth girl…
welcome to the real world..
I just hope u take this for real
When I tell u it’s only just begun…
Happy birthday, go have some fun
Happy birthday, make this the one
Happy birthday, just own it
Happy birthday, love the moment, it’s never gone.
Enjoy it till life itself is done.

What You’ve Become

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I swear god gave me a head start on life

I’m livin in the future spitting shit that cuts deeper than a sharpened knife,


But I look back and get nothing but the sound of a single hand clap

Crickets and tumbleweed like I’m in the middle of a dessert.

It’s like if it doesn’t rhyme it won’t get a compliment, damn this hurt.


Admit it, all ya want is a couple good metaphors

But I can’t even give those cus ma dictionary got complicated words


I write about me and my views

But if I don’t write about money drugs and bitches. then I do not amuse??

What’s the point of talent if it’s not put to good use

Talking about the same shit, but words in different order, lyrical abuse.


I think these dudes missing wires, blew a fuse in the mainframe ..

But I know I’m gonna hit that top spot, I’m a warrior; Are you not entertained??

So f*ck feelings, and love, for ma fans from this I should refrain?

If I had another shot maybe a different road, I turn it down and do all this again.


I puzzle these pieces and my talent Riddles me this:

” Was there ever a time when rap was from the soul, not from the block? ”

Damn was there something I missed?

If I could ask RAP a question, Damn,

“can u progress?”

I’m tryna work at this, to make ma grand entrance

But how da f*ck can I advance,

when tracks don’t make sense if they don’t get a dance?


I can’t give up, won’t go down

I know I’ll be king, I’ll get that crown

Many have been here where I’m at

But I’m the one that will stay true, that’s a fact.


I’ll be the top, and stay number one

Until then, RAP, I’ve gotta ask,

What have you become ..?

Remember To Smile

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Whenever you’re feeling down,
or have the urge to frown.
Just take a peek at me,
and wait for the glee.

For you see;

Things may be tough,
or maybe even a little rough;
but it’ll never be enough,
to make you eat that sweet stuff.

You’re diet aside;
always keep in mind,
i’ll be here to provide
laughter of a certain kind,
even when you’re old and blind.

All it would take
Is a hefty reminder,
And maybe some steak
With a bit of some tasty cake.

I’d just have to point out,
That laughter and a smile,
are way better then a pout,
Or running that extra mile.

So won’t you be happy,
Or do I have to write another?
It would probably be crappy,
just like my little brother

Hopefully, right now
You’re feeling better
I’d hate to have to vow
To write you one more letter
When a call would be better