Access to my heart!

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For which once was placed in thin air,
Easy grabbing for someone to bear!
Was placed in glass, easy to break,
Just pick it up, yours to take!
Now is chained in a lockbox made of steel,
…Needing a locksmith’s tools or key to feel!
It is encased in fear of being torn completely apart!
But will anyone even want to gain access to my heart?

If you want me!

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As a floater I will fly gracefully and so free
But Hoping and praying someone will take hold of me..
As a window with my curtains pulled opened wide
I sit patiently for someone to look inside!
As a tree growing with my roots planted strong
…Honest, Loyal and faithful as the day is long
As a person confused and without a way to see,
I can only take action on what possibilities that lie before me.
As just a man with the inability to make things to come about,
I will act upon things from which there is no doubt!

End this pain

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A little prayer I say today
for god to take my life away
to end this misery I live each day
to give me a blissful end to this pain
every night as I lay awake
the disease inside me starts to quake
in my misery I go away
a recluse in my head is where I stay
but how much longer can this be
before I end up broken completely
now all that is left is my little poem
the only thing that gives me hope
but every night as I lay awake
I know no one’s watching me die in pain

Be mine

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You’re A Beautiful treasure
That I’m glad I could find
Because you’re a girl
That’s one of a kind
You’re the one that makes my heart sing
you’re more beautiful than dream
You will always be my queen
That will never change I swear
Because I will always be there
To show you how much I care
I hope you don’t think I’m being too bold
but you’re the one
I want to hold until the end of time
I just pray that you will be mine


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You build me up to break me down
I just wanted you around
Against their word, against all odds
I pray you’ll keep me in your thoughts

Now I break free; Release me

Close your eyes, now soundly sleep
Hold close the secrets that you keep
A losing hand, we played our cards
I bore it all, you left me in the dark

Time to break free; Release me

Uncry your tears and dry your eyes
cleanse from your ears their bleeding lies
Be who you are, be what they’re not

Break free; Release them