Black Sea

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I always have that same nightmare
Where I fall deeply into the no where
Fast like the wind
Free like the blink
Is it the beginning of the end?
Is it what I shall not pretend?
I’m frightened by the darkened years to come
I’ll never handle with any compromise as an outcome

Drowned into that sea too far
Though black hearted as self described
I went there as my heart had prescribed
Engulfed by its marvelous waves
Being Treated like fish slaves
& it Holds the remedy to my scar

It’s Hard to deal
With what I feel
My world is crashing down
Everything around me is darkened and scary
Is it the beast & I’m the clown?
I don’t care but I really need my saving fairy

I’m an addict
It made me sick
Give me some aid
Please be quick
Get me my mermaid
She’s my ultimate cure

When she;
Touches my skin
It burns me within,
Calls out my name
She boosts the flame,
My intentions are pure
Give me a glance
Open up for a chance
Figure out my heart beats
Deviated as world’s streets

Living in nightmares of my own creation
Yet I can’t enjoy the bless of its fascination
Since reality positively differs from Hallucination

Kiss my pain for goodbye
But not me & you know why
Never try to do what’s the best
There’s nothing better than the rest
Take the chance and release the break
A courageous decision you can make

Drowning into the sea too far
I’m safe don’t call the coastguard
It’s OK being my final destination
That’s a decision I won’t ever regard !!!


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To be happy means taking away my pain,
from the day I saw you…you’ve caused my tears to rain.
You started some shit of an emotional hell,
sometimes I know I will never be well.
You scream and you yell and I cry and I feel torn,
sometimes I wish you would have never been born.
Sometimes I think that Im finally well,
but then again…there’s the emotional hell.
There’s a tear, there’s a twist,
I have cuts on my wrist.
My mind goes wild as I just want to cry,
I have tried to die.
I guess two attempts weren’tĀ enough,
Maybe a third will get my life out of the rough.
The pain I go through…the blood I cry,
You’ll see it all…the day I die…

His perfect Love

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Think of everyday of how we live in shame,
It could not go away until His Son came.
So please remember we should thank our Father above,
For sending us an Example of His perfect Love.
Our thoughts should always be that as Christ was sacrificed alone,
That know he leads our way to the throne.
As the time goes by and comes to the final resurrection day.
We should change our life for Him in every way.
This will lead to have victory over Satan any fight,
Because we will soon follow him by His glorious light.