Dance of the Gardenias

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Hold in
the rye has been captured
and our rewards have been distilled
although nothing has been learned
our dispositions say quite the opposite
an atrophied smile
roses are red nose
with glazed eyes sitting on top of it

sold in
a box filled with
more mold than product
lost in
the pollution flavored euphoria
of flypaper narcotic
I laughed at the joke
’bout the man and his imbalance
but I’ve become that man
never awake, always in trance
now it’s not so funny
when I’m the only one
who can breathe out and see the gardenia’s dance

how much
have we gathered from the half wit
just enough
to laugh at the ground as we sit
making amends with our inner idiot
the air possesses the only seeds that grow
and sometimes they float to places
they’d rather not go
wasted on pond’s surfaces
or caught on our tongues as we fell
sometimes the wind blows underground
and dandelions bloom in the never-ending meadows of Hell

Draw Me For A Quarter

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Rip me in half
my sweet bleeding daughter
have the town painter
draw me for a quarter
as my one becomes two
I’ll tie the ropes myself
just to show how much I love you

we can laugh at each other’s ear bleeds
we can sit and watch our sweat bead
off the tips of our noses
we can die in contorted poses
arm behind back
leg over head
or we could just pretend to be dead
for purposes of attention
it’ll help us learn the difference
between trickery and intention

sew me back together
my daughter born
in these fields of heather
have the town stitcher
turn my torn flesh into a quilt
hang it on the living room wall
to remind yourself of the guilt

Just Say Hi

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You like this guy,

Who you always sit nearby,

To whom you never say: “Hi!”

And he walks… bye bye.

You like this dude,

Who never gives you attitude,

And to whom you are never rude,

So chicken, at lunch, just sit and eat your food.

Talk to him, please.

Speak to him with ease.

When you see him, tell him, you get weak in the knees,

And tell him this underneath the trees.


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I have these times when I miss you

when it seems my world is falling through

and I have these times when I hate you

when it seems nothing you say is true

tell me, are there any promises you made me that you haven’t broken yet?

even so, my feelings are unchecked.

why can’t I hate you when it would fix it all?

why do I feel like I have to crawl

crawl on my knees to see you again

when it wasn’t even me, and then

you did it all wrong and every time i’d forgive you

im sorry to say but boy its through!

Lost in tears

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Is it weird to feel

As if i’ve lost my mind?

And is it odd not to know

About everything I find?

Everyday I feel more wrong

Everything moves and shifts

Like I don’t really fit

It’s like I don’t belong.

Can anyone tell me

Does anyone see

How I’m messing up

Or even what’s becoming of me?

The more I think

The more it seems

Like somethings really right

But then I see

And then I know

The true messed up sight

It’s hard to know

Just whats real

If I’m crazy or not

Even though nothing else

Is like the peace i’ve sought!

I can’t stop feeling

I’ll end up kneeling

To what I hate the most

To what I’m forbidden to hate

I have to remember the truth when it’s truthless

I have to endure when things get ruthless..

Velvet tangled intertwine

That at least must be a sign?

I’m alone when I least expect to be

I look around and there’s nothing to see

I try to escape but I’m locked in

I’m trapped in the confines of sin

I listen but there’s nothing to hear

I try but there’s no one near!

I listen again and the pain sets

The realization that I paid my debts..

The payment was the thing I valued most

I give up searching from coast to coast

I finally see the signs

That my mind has deserted me.

With all the pain that I’ve been through

It makes me wonder just who knew

The secrets I died to keep inside

The things I tried so hard to hide..

I wish to live my life in ways

That don’t leave me lost in tears..

I need to find my peace in days

That sensitize my fears!

Forever trapped I seem to be

In these twisting forms of  me

Everything changing but never lost

Is this what comes before the cost?