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I’ve noticed over the past few weeks,
That I am not the same,
I am just another faceless person in a crowded hall.
There is nothing new to me,
Nothing new at all.

So, I will start to change that.
I will start to be different.
I will stand out,
And make my voice heard.
I will yell, scream, and shout.

I used to be an original.
I used to be my own brand.
I used to make it seem like everything was right,
And just like a star:
Light up the night.

I’ve been told that I’m awesome.
I’ve been told that I’m great.
But if you really knew me.
If you really saw,
But you don’t see.

If you had known me all my life,
From a baby ’til now.
You would know how different I am,
How I changed,
And became one of them.

Autumn Fallout

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But do you remember the August precipitate?
Waiting and watching beneath stars of White
Holding your hand and dropping my heart
Into the seas of a September night

That jacket you wore with a sleeve far too short
And eyes with a wild, sense of adventure
You looked like a painting by hands so divine
Symmetrical, vivid – a knife through the tension

You already knew I was wandering aimlessly
A corridor discrete with walls of your beauty
Exhibiting only the finest creations
And saving the best until last – my duty

Your hands, they grew blue from being alone
You stumble and fall into grass frozen solid
I’m here if you need me, just take my hand
And we’ll stand in a valley of eternal morning

Only by the night

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I’ll set the scene to a make believe place
And you’ll be the girl who doesn’t stop believing
We’ll stay up all night and congratulate fate
And destiny on who could be more deceiving

It’s past 6 o’clock and I’m starting to bore you
But then you say something which turns it around
You tell me a joke and I smile consequentially
Although in real life we don’t make a sound…

You stand at my door step and ask for a bed
I lend you mine – we both know I’m not sleeping
You dream about something you can’t quite imagine
A world without sunlight but infinite breathing

It’s cold but it’s bright as the eyes of the world
Look down upon you while you wander in circles
The path you have woven alleviates nonsense
Your lips remain red but your bruises turn purple

A girl named Destiny

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“How can my life be so cruel and so not goddamn fair??” –

– A thought in my head as I’m looking through window in despair.

My eyes of imagination go through every building or tree,

To spot a girl that will spend the rest of her life with me.

She may be talking, at the moment, to one of her friends,

Or sunbathe so calmly on the red hot beach sands,

Studying very hard to one day become the best of teachers,

Or on a meadow gentle sunbeam strikes her perfect face feature.

Taking good care of her body, working out, riding a bike.

But above all else, I hope she is doing something she likes.

On the other hand, however, she may be in huge pain,

And get caught without umbrella in a very heavy rain.

Her heart may be crying, seeing no salutary way,

But there will come a day, despite what others say,

That our ways will meet and I’ll brush her tears away.


About what I am thinking, she may be thinking right now, too,

Or she is reading this poem… I may be writing about YOU…

State of Being

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Can’t really explain where I’m at now.
Can’t really explain what’s happening to me.
I’ve seemed to hit a soft spot.
A place that caught me when I fell.
It’s almost like a sort of purgatory.
It’s almost a bit like hell.

It’s a nothing sort of feeling.
It’s a dreamlike sort of state.
Like I’m in my own nightmare,
I try to keep running,
But it’s all pointless.
I just can’t move fast enough.
The world away from it seems like such a mess.

It’s like there are pillows floating at my head,
Blocking all the bad things.
It’s stopping me from hurting,
Like cotton on my feet.
I would invite my friends,
But there’s nowhere we could meet.

I’m caught in an endless cycle.
There is no light at the end of the tunnel.
There is no burning sensation.
It’s like I’m in a horror movie.
One that’s completely PG.
No carnage,
No pain,
No death,
Just me.

And I like it.