How Soon?

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It started where, we can’t be apart.
It ended when you ripped out my heart.
My feelings now, from what I had.
I show no emotions, not good not bad.
It all fell to pieces, and they tumbled away.
Now they’ve all been lost, nothing is guaranteed to stay.
My life has become questions, for you and about me.
The problem is who knows the answers, and what will one see?
Don’t look ahead, its disappointing what you see and hear.
My life has fallen apart, and the end is very near.

Our Mistakes

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If we lower our standards, how low can we go?
If you sink too far, will anyone let you know?
How far down, is the bottom that we’ll touch?
When we get to the bottom, did we let it sink too much?
Is there any way back out, to get on our feet again?
Or do we just give up, and say we’ve reached our end?
Everyone has their standards, that they try not to break.
But it doesn’t always work, it depends on what you make.
That is when you just, face reality with a grasp.
Then you get the feeling, the end has come too fast.
We finally make it to, where it all will end.
This is where you find out, on who you can depend.
It shows the true colors, for everyone you know.
Who is your true friend, is really what will show.
Those that stand beside you, no matter what it takes.
Are the ones that will look past, all of your mistakes.

My Loss

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I’ve lost my family.
I’ve lost my friends.
I’ve lost my hopes.
And want this to end.

I’ve lost my home.
I’ve lost my pride.
I’ve lost my dignity.
And just wish I’d died.

I’ve lost my dreams.
I’ve lost my trust.
I’ve lost my means.
It’s all turned to dust.

I’ve lost my feelings.
I’ve lost my mind.
I’ve lost my sanity.
It all came from behind.

I’ve lost what I want.
I’ve lost what I need.
I’ve lost my love.
Life is not what it seems.

Don’t Look

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Don’t open your eyes, you won’t like what you see.
The world has become nothing, just like you and me.
Now is the time, where all we have is dignity.

I have no feelings, not good, not bad.
I show no emotions, not happy, not sad.
I just live each day, remembering what I had.

We wilted away, throughout all the years.
Lived all through life, now we all face our fears.
We live every day, not knowing if death is near.

Once the day comes, then it’s too late.
This is the day, on which we all will wait.
For some it’s a tragedy, for others it’s great.

So just close your eyes, and don’t look ahead.
Don’t open them up, it’s worse than they said.
All hope is lost, this is the day we all dread.

Pain, strain & stress

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I don’t understand why life must be such a mess

all this pain straining with stress

boys flee, father abandons me, I’m in need.

People can try & relate, but no one will ever fit the music in the back

cause’ what flows in my heart is something that lacks

Looking in the rearview mirror,  I should see me first

bu why am I  trying so hard to first change the past ?

My head, my heart, my him is hurdling & was taken for a spin so fast

There’s always something in something.

good, in goodbye

the sad, in a tear

the truth, in the eyes & &

the shattered trust in a lie.