Hide in the Dark

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I hide in the dark, where no one can see.
What all the things are, that the world has done to me.
You look into my eyes, and see an empty soul.
I can’t help how I feel in my heart, I have no control.
They say that in time, that all of this will heal.
I ask how much time, or will I ever feel?
My heart has quit beating, and I have nothing else to share.
All they know is what they see, and no one seems to care.
I don’t want anybody, and the world is cold to me.
So I hide in the dark, where no one can see.


Old Mice Creed

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I used to pass on this old street
Where old men hang and talk sweet
Their truth and wisdom always make me sweat
No one dares to listen, no one gives a shit

I’m too good for this!

Too proud, too wise, like mice
Before my life falls like dice…
Hit the bottom and roll over like ice
I will take the mysterious advice

With weary eyes of dying mice
Regrets felt in the soft-spoken wise
A piece of Christ, a peace will rise
It’s no surprise, takes a lot of sacrifice

Don’t have to be crucified
Don’t have to be terrified
Just find the right guide
And take the ride…

No matter how cursive the citywide
You’ll always find your way in the countryside
Where simplicity and fulfillment derived
And real life hide in beautiful someone’s side

I don’t know how to get there
I’m just here listening
To the old mice creed
As I seat along the old street
Where I used to pass and say Bullshit!

Oh Jealousy

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Oh jealousy, oh jealousy,
this relationship, it just can’t be
but because i am attached to u so,
Since on you i’ll never cheat, from u, i’ll never go.
just hang by me, stick close to me
keep me company, in case I’m ever lonely
keep me safe, so my heart won’t be ripped out of me

oh jealousy, oh jealousy
what a taste u give, so bittersweet
i have u by my side, and no one else to meet.
because when people approach, ur everything but friendly
but at my worst times, ur the one that just won’t leave
i try and try, but i can never kill
what makes me who i am, it gives me chills
something i’ve created, deep inside it sits
waiting, watching, listening, until again it kills
relationship down, it feeds off me, and eats until it fills

Oh jealousy, oh jealousy,
please break up with me
because with you, i can never be the real me
u take over my thoughts, i ask, with u why did i marry?
a never ending bond, One i just can’t break
questions that i ask, why not do it for my sake
just go and don’t come back, i want you gone and thats a fact

oh jealousy, oh jealousy
why am i the one with whom u choose to be
and something i can never be, is happy, so long as ur with me
i scare away the ones i love, i push aside my common sense
i guess my smile just won’t shine
as i write this, my heart has little time
i close my eyes and ask, if I’m the only one
stay awake and think, when will this be done
but in the end i know, that jealousy has truly won
and of this i speak so truly

oh how simple can this be,

i know the answer that lies ahead me

because without you, jealousy, me i just can’t be.

The way we used to be

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Look at you now, you’re glowing!

All grown up and amazing

Sometimes you’re naughty

And cute when you’re teasing


You’re full of joy and happiness

Restless and yet enjoying

Not a care in the world

As long as you’re playing


Eat up, drink up

And play the toys I’m bringing

It tickles my inner thoughts

The way you’re singing


No hatred known

Innocence pure as gold

Life is beautiful

If only you don’t grow old!

The way we used to be

Words, Words

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Words, words
they’re dangerous
they show you affections
appeal to your emotions
touch your feelings
shatter your defences
bypass your reasons
then fuel your passions

Words, words
they’re fatal
as pretty as a beauty
as sexy as a body
as sweet as a candy
as pleasant as a melody
as fragrant as perfumery
soft and silky

Words, words
they’re hazardous
they come and they go
they stay and they move
they’re real or merely fictions
they’re true or merely compositions
they’re realities or merely imaginations
they’re truths or merely impulsions
they’re thoughts or merely expressions
they’re amusing or confusions

Words, words
they’re killers
they steal your core rob your soul
make you feel you’re on top of the world
make you susceptible make you vulnerable
make you helpless and powerless
you’re not even realizing
it is happening

Seventeen Again