My escape of love

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I saw you with my soul not my eyes,

my love I had for you ran deep and couldn’t be measured by size.

You said we weren’t meant for each other… that we couldn’t be,

and I swear every time you said it my heart would bleed,

break and shatter by our every fight now it doesn’t matter..

You wouldn’t even try to give me a chance, nor second thought

yet with him you would give so many shots.

I saw he hurt you and pushed you away as you do to me,

well they say pay back a b*tch and your f*cked while I’m free…


Welcome To My World

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Welcome to my world,
where things are dark and cold.
every day is the same,
the perception just gets old.

nobody knows,
how it really feels this way.
they only go by,
what they hear or say.

once you live the life,
then your thoughts will change.
there is nothing there to feel,
its only filled with rage.

ones say it will get better,
but I don’t think it will.
I’ve tried to change my ways,
but now I just can’t feel.

people fear the day,
when I lose all my patience.
welcome to my world,
where every day ends up like this.

The Clash

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This girl’s a perfect scheme
We’re just like red and green
She tells me when I’m wrong
I’m slow to move along

She shows the world her stars
A lit river of cars
A passive heartbeat with
A missing half of it

She always has her way
Always knows what to say
And how to make me weep
I’m like a dream to reap

She harvests my desires
Covers them in barbed-wire
This girl’s a perfect scheme
We’re just like red and green


No One Can Survive

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How could one person,
Mean the world to me.
When I know in my mind,
We will never be.

I sit in the room,
Dark quiet and small.
Then nobody will ever,
See the tear drop fall.

As I sit by myself,
Alone in the dark.
I say no words,
No thought, and no heart.

No Heart

All has become nothing,
Just like you and me.
I’m left with my morals,
And my own dignity.

The room is dark and quiet,
It starts to feel real cold.
It used to be my heart,
That now is a big, black hole.

Once you’re in the hole,
No one can survive.
It pulls you in, and you can’t get out
Nobody has come out alive.