Finding a Talent

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Some day or point in my life,
I decided I was just average,
I decided that I was good at nothing,
I was just meant to go through life,
Take it in, and age.

At some point in time,
I decided that was wrong,
I figured there must be something I could do,
But the process,
Really seemed to take too long.

Somewhere down the line,
I really got into acting,
I enjoy the way it freed me,
In some ways,
That’s not what I was expecting.

In time that has already passed,
I found a joy in writing,
I let myself go and shed my skin on the page,
The way I felt so much calmer,
Had to be better than fighting.

Some day or point in my life,
At some point in time,
Somewhere down the line,
In time that has already passed,
I found a talent that I can call mine.


Am I Beautiful Yet?

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Am I beautiful yet? She asked herself

Looking at her newly bleached hair.

As the stylist did her finishing touches,

And she sat on the dresser chair.


Am I beautiful yet? She asked herself

Trying on her newly bought dress.

As she looks at her empty wallet

Wishing beauty would cost a lot less.


Am I beautiful yet? She asked herself

Painting her lips with red.

As she evens out the foundation lines

Just as the magazine had said.


Am I beautiful yet? She asked herself

Watching her stomach roll

As she hunches over on the bathroom floor

Emptying out into the toilet bowl.


This can’t be right, he says to her,

You’ve been beautiful all along.

But now you’re just another copy,

Because you tried to fix what was never wrong.


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When the rain starts to fall,

I do too.

For I am safe from the storm,

But I am not home safe with you.

When the mist fills the air,

It fills my eyes too.

For these cold winter days,

Were the days I spent with you.


The wind in the trees

And the dew on the leaves,

Take me back to those cold winter days.

When we curled up in bed,

And those poems you read,

Made me go off to sleep where I lay.


Now I sit alone,

With a chill through my bones,

And look out my window of frost.

Through the foggy glass,

I watch the time pass,

And realise without you, I am lost.

Why live when we can die? Why die when we can live?

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Life is that of death its self,
the irony is the reason for the confusion so many feel.
death in many form is just a suffering to an end,
but life is a suffering of its own kind.
that is reality which you cannot bend,
so I stumble through life blind.

but let me enlighten you,
the sky is blue,
the trees green,
so its like looking at an HD screen.
life has its beauties,
as does the thing we all fear called death.

never forget where we came from,
and where we are headed.
for if we lose sight of the past and future,
we have lost the reason to live now.
so I’m going to hit the ground running,
live life like I’m stunning.
put on the mask of confidence,
never forget my own decadence.

for I am who I was meant to be,
so I shall fight and never flee.
because no one else will ever see,
that I am me.

my story is that of one who has survived.
that of one survives,
so take my hand and we’ll fly,
in to the sky so high,
and never have a reason to cry.

What I am

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Words are crossing my mind like dust in the wind
I approach to the table and grab my pen
Letters fall to pieces before my eyes
Shattering all my thoughts like sand grains
The creator of a twenty six letter alphabet is sinned
When you’re the only thought from one to ten
Words against feelings stand still paralyzed
As I write more my heart offended remains

A dear friend once upon a time told me
Each person is responsible for his misery
Poets may fail in life but succeed on papers
I can never ever fail in life as long as I have you
Succeeding on papers is readers choice not mine to do
Time passes rapidly and life changes for better or worse
Struggling for a better future is something I’ll do of course

Life can take a part of me some days I feel down
Some days I feel strong like sun rising during dawn
When I feel down I think about your pretty amazing face
I think about your warm arms when you hug me with embrace
Life can be as cruel as it wants on me, when I fall I’ll get up again
Because if I loose it all you’d be my everything that would remain

Take me down life, hit me with your best
I have a lovely girl that is unlike all the rest
Bring me down to my knees I won’t beg for mercy
I have a simple word to my lady I send a big merci
For being the one making me want to fight
For being the one keeping me awake at night
No words are enough to express my gratitude for you
For your patience and for being a responsibility
For the happiest moments you’ve given and will give me
I adore everything because I adore you
And if life means anything to me it’s because
You represent it all
You’re everything that I am.

Don’t be Stressed

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I heard you were stressed
So, I’ve come to impress.
That, There’s no need to be depressed.
Just think of it as a success.

Sure, it may be tiring,
But it’s only for a little while.
Soon you’ll find someone hiring –
So just sit back and smile.

If you find it hard,
I’m just right here,
Ready to stand guard,
over that precious cheer

Your beautiful laughter,
Brings tingles down my spine.
So won’t you be a dear,
And have some wine
and Rest easy for I am here.

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