Everyone needs dad

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Everyone needs dad
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I didn’t ask to be brought here
I didn’t ask for you
I was created from a love
Between my mommy and you.

Now here I sit with her
Just me and mommy you see
And where, oh where are you
Where could you be?

Not that it really matters now
I have my mommys love
You see, I feel her presence
And her love from up above.

No one needs a sperm donor
Everyone needs a daddy
I am guaranteed to find one
He’ll be the best I’ve ever had.

Someone to kiss my boo boos
And wipe my little tears
Someone who will give me hugs
And sing away my fears.

Someone who wants to love me
To live everyday for me
To long to hear those little words
“I love you, daddy.”

Now, I know this isn’t you
I don’t know where you are
But just to let you know
One day I will have my shining star.

A man who will love me regardless
Who’s not like you and ran
I will be proud to call him daddy
Because he can take it like a man.

Miss Dad

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Miss Dad
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I would call out “Daddy”
when was angry, scared or sad.

When I thought Jennifer was hogging you,
you would stay with me like glue.

You’d talk to me, tell me don’t be scared,
I could always tell you cared.

When my friends were mad at me you’d stay throughout the night,
you would be there for me and hold me tight.

You were someone I loved that I could call,
you would help me when I would fall.

You’d kiss my boo boo and make it better,
when I went to camp you’d write me a letter.

You would write how much you loved me
and said that with you I wish I could be.

While I was reading I would grin
as I would wish the same back to him.

We would play games for hours on end,
whenever I had a broken heart you would mend.

In restaurants while waiting to go,
we would play tic-tac-toe to get three in a row.

I wish that you would walk through the door,
because I miss you more and more.

I know that you are in a better place,
but I am selfish in this case.

I wish that I could have you back in my arms,
to see your special smile and charms.

I miss your smile, your care, your love.
You remind me of a precious dove.

I love you with all my heart,
but you’ve known that from the start.

I know the world will still go on,
even though my loved one’s gone.

Dad, Im your Little Biscuit

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Dad, Im your Little Biscuit
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Even though you hurt me
Even though you cuss
Even though you’re short tempered
Even though you always make a fuss
Im always your little Biscuit
That’s the truth.
Even though I get very angry at you
Even though you swear
Even though you cause emotional problems
Since Im your Little Biscuit
I will Always Be There.
Im Your Little Biscuit.

Dad, I’m Just Your Little Girl

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Dad, I’m Just Your Little Girl
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I’m just your little girl
who’s given up all hope.
Any chance of being loved
is far too gone,
and the hope of being saved
is lost with any reason to go on.

No one wants me
and no one cares.
I’ve been so bad
to the woman you love.

Tell me dad,
how can I ask for forgiveness
when I’ve caused her so much pain?

I’ve tried to say I’m sorry
for doing this to her.
I tell her I will try harder next time
it won’t end up the same,
But it doesn’t ever work
because to her I don’t exist.

I’m just someone to yell at
and take her anger out on.
So I’m going to say goodbye
I feel I’ve wasted enough time.

All I can say is that I’m sorry
I’m sorry that I tried.
I tried to make you love me,
and see me just for me,
and not some bad kid
she makes me out to be.

I promise I’m not that bad
I’m not a pathetic bitch
Dad, I’m just your little girl
Who needs you more than ever.

I need you to tell me you love me,
and say you will always care
but most of all,
I need you to be there.

Big hug