You Left Me And Passed On

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You Left Me And Passed On
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I never really knew you.
Time passed so fast.
I never really got to spend my time, with you.
I made a mistake that I thought you’d be around…
For some time more.
When I realized it, it was too late.
You were gone, You left me and passed on.
To a place I can’t go now,
I never realized until now,
Time is lost And I will never see you again,
Even though I love you — my dear dad
You left me and passed on.

Dreaming Of You

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Dreaming Of You
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Every night, when it’s time to sleep, I pray to the Lord, and start to count sheep…

Someone I love will come see me tonight, we always get along, we NEVER fight…

It’s been so long, almost 4 years, every night when I sleep, I hope he appears…

When I see him, so vivid in my dreams, my heart starts to pound, it feels so extreme!

I miss my DAD, so very much, I only wish that we could touch.

I’m holding DAD’S hands, and kiss his cheeks, patiently waiting for him to speak…

When he says “I love you” and holds me in his arms, I feel I’m truly safe, and never could be harmed.

I feel so happy, not a sorrow in my mind, 2 SOULS together, totally combined!

We walked together, holding hands, on our bare feet, we felt cold sand.

The sky was so warm, so beautiful in color, I was there with my Dad, but in a deep slumber…

In the time that we shared, our SOULS felt complete, I don’t want it to end, PLEASE let it repeat!!

I can feel my emotions, as clear as day, it started with excitement, I can’t dismay.

My Dad looked at me, not saying 1 word, however I knew our time was deferred.

I fought the sensation, not wanting to leave, but Dad had to go, it was now time to bereave.

As I stood up slowly, I glanced at the sky, caught a quick glimpse, and began to cry.

The clouds opened wide, to show Dad the way, now I knew he couldn’t stay, now I felt alone and began to bereave.

A kiss and a hug, and a quick “I LOVE YOU”, Dad then decided to pass right through.

It was such a beautiful scene, the sky was all full of blues and greens.

Dad disappeared into the sky, walking instruct, right by GOD’S side!

I sat on the beach and watched the sunset, then suddenly felt a sense of regret.

It was now time to wake, time to up-rise, while I awoke, I rubbed my eyes…

This was only a dream…something sweet for my soul, we’ll meet again, and soon feel WHOLE.

Dedicated to my father, Mike, and also my BEST friend. Sadly, cancer took his life and he is greatly missed and NEVER forgotten. R.I.P. Dad aka Magoo…2-27-44—4-22-07

Thanks Daddy For Training Me!

Thanks Daddy For Training Me! by Arkansas ShutterBug

My dad left me behind in Vietnam War

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My dad left me behind in Vietnam War
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Left me behind others to take your place,
carrying your blood, your face,
and walking with your green eyes.

This tears of joy steamed down my face
a sense of peace I felt.
I touch that piece of information
and placed it in my heart.
All these years I always wondered
why we had to part.
I wondered if you’d looked for me.

A Tribute to Father

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A Tribute to Father
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Strong arms for support,
to uphold when it’s needed.
Strong hands for the guidance
to correct and conduce.
The voice, at times stern tho’ never austere
serves to encourage, to advise, to inspire.
The eyes are observant,
perceptive and thoughtful.
They show kindness, concern, and are known to smile.
The stride is sure, the energy tireless,
working each day to provide for his own.
The manner is quiet, just slightly reserved.
The love runs beneath, its current is strong.
These are parts of your character,
of things I’ve perceived.
Im pleased you’re my father
just so you would know.
I wanted to tell you
and speak best when I write.

Hero Dad

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Hero Dad
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DAD Dad,
You are the one who taught me everything,
You are the one who was beside me when I fall,
I will never forget to think about you,
As you are my special person in my life.
Dad, When you fall ill I feel down,
When you go out alone I feel scared,
But I just want to tell,
That I will be for you till the end.
Dad, Your jokes make us laugh,
Your worries make us cry,
But Im proud to say,
That you are always there as my father.
Dad, Im thankful to god for sending me,
a great father like you,
I shall never break your heart,
And you will always be my hero DAD!