All they do is lie

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All they do is lie
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I miss your goodnight story
I miss your goodnight kiss
I miss your saying “honey behave good or no new tv”
I miss your voice and your shiny smile
But still I know you won’t come around
They say you’re busy I know they’re lying
They don’t understand how much I am crying;
they can’t see that inside I am dying.
They say keep trying,
but of all the things I miss the most is that
daddy you’re not here with me <\3

If You Were Here

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If You Were Here
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In hard times I struggle to stay strong

My heart is soft so I do not know how to control my emotions and stay strong

My tears flow easily and hardly dry up


At times I think of you

If you were here it would be easier for me to stay strong

If you were here to hold my hand and advice me

In difficult times I would be strong

Because you would dry my tears

And fight for me


In difficult times I struggle to stay strong

My heart is soft and my tears flow easily

But if you were here my dear Daddy I know I would be strong and never shed a tear

A Real Father

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A Real Father
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There’s always a storm on my face,

hearts outta place

& my feelings outta space.

No love from my father ’cause he’s never been there all along

always call for a daddy but he’s gone

Praying to god every night hoping he’d come back in my life

but deep down inside I have so much deceit & despise

for he’s not being here, near, in my atmosphere

Babygirl’s growing up & you’re not even here too see

boys continuously hurt me, friends desert me & little do you know;

Im wishing everyday you can come & be a REAL father to me

– </3

It Was Because of You

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It Was Because of You
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It was because of you that I did not sleep at night
waiting for you to kiss me goodnight

It was for you that I worked very hard in school
to get good grades and to graduate

It was because of you that I lost my best friend
just because you thought she was not a good friend

It was because of you that I made my mom cry and my brother lie
for a stupid thing that wasn’t even true
I lie for you daddy and that’s the truth

It was for you that I hurt his feeling
because you told me “he wasn’t good enough”
it was because of you that I have lost my true love
and in tears I have to say yes daddy

It was because of you I have become this girl
who doesn’t feel confidence in herself
& it was because of you I don’t know who I am anymore

It was because of you that it seems like everything was okay
but the truth is daddy you took my whole life away

You took my true love, you took my best friend,
you took everyone you did not like
just because you said “honey they are not your type”

Let me tell you something daddy, I love you and everything
but sometimes in life you got to speak up

I already have had too much I am sorry but I can’t take It,
I want it to be just for once, just for once to say,
I did it because of me & bursting in tears I have to tell you
yes daddy I did it because of me.

Father and daughter
Father and daughter

He is my dad

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He is my dad
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What did I do?!?!

I fell for his trap

I let him know too much.

I wasn’t cautious

Like everyone told me to be.

I thought it would make things better,

But now everything is worse.

It’s causing all my headaches.

It also hurt my heart.

Is it true that your love is all a lie?!?!

Your supposed to be there for me.

I was daddy’s little girl!

Now I hear that all your love was just another lie.

Who is lying??

Is it mom or dad?

It seems to me that you both lie!

How am I supposed to know the truth,

When all you do is lie!!!

I want to see the court papers!?!

Where is my opinion!?!

Does it even count!?!

I’m 13!

My decisions should count!

If court is the answer

I demand to be involved!

You say I was doing better,

until he came again.

The truth will probably never be known.

My family is a mess.

I guess this case will go on and on.

Will I ever have a say in what is ruining my life.

I’m crying myself to sleep again!

I know I broke the law.

If they only saw inside my heart,

the pieces that have fallen.

I demand a saying!

He is my dad!

He is nothing to you, but a part of me!

There has to be some love.

You can’t be that heartless.

You have 5 other kids

And I was the one to be used.

You use me for the joy.

To hurt my mom is all you want!

All the things you say!

Are they true?

Do you even love me!?!?!

What did I do!?!