It Was Because of You

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It was because of you that I did not sleep at night
waiting for you to kiss me goodnight

It was for you that I worked very hard in school
to get good grades and to graduate

It was because of you that I lost my best friend
just because you thought she was not a good friend

It was because of you that I made my mom cry and my brother lie
for a stupid thing that wasn’t even true
I lie for you daddy and that’s the truth

It was for you that I hurt his feeling
because you told me “he wasn’t good enough”
it was because of you that I have lost my true love
and in tears I have to say yes daddy

It was because of you I have become this girl
who doesn’t feel confidence in herself
& it was because of you I don’t know who I am anymore

It was because of you that it seems like everything was okay
but the truth is daddy you took my whole life away

You took my true love, you took my best friend,
you took everyone you did not like
just because you said “honey they are not your type”

Let me tell you something daddy, I love you and everything
but sometimes in life you got to speak up

I already have had too much I am sorry but I can’t take It,
I want it to be just for once, just for once to say,
I did it because of me & bursting in tears I have to tell you
yes daddy I did it because of me.

Father and daughter
Father and daughter

Miss you daddy

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It was so sudden when you left us

You haven’t yet been able to meet the man whom I will be with

Who will lead me at the aisle?

How are you going to see my children?

Why you left us so early?

I miss you daddy…

I already miss your smile and laughter

We are all trying to be strong for mommy

And it is really hard keeping this sadness

We long for your guidance

We long for your jokes

We long for your simple ways of loving us

Yes, there are times that we have some misunderstanding,

but I know you are just leading us to have a better life

And I do miss even our arguments

I also miss the way you build my confidence

I miss you daddy…

But I know you are with our Creator and finally you are home

I know you are happy

I love you daddy

I miss you…

Your legacy dad…

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Dear daddy,
It’s been almost forever since you left,
A time I was hardly grown to know what you looked like…
Mother said, all there was was ashes in the casket, a medal of war and a flag of honor…
I remember, the sound of the bullets
I remember your jacket upon my shoulders,
Just then, my name was gone
And your name was mine- Kawuzi, the great
Then on, I was the man of the house,
So did my auntie address me.
I lived by mum and her memories…
By uncle Tom and his guidance
By God and his promises
For the bible forever my companion and best friend, was…

And now,
Looking at me, I see me and you…
I see the traces of your mustache on my brow,
Your smile on my lips…
Mummy said sometime, I was taking after your wit, haha!!!
She left smiling…
I miss her,
But it’s good you’re together,
I am sure you’d missed her…

When, next you’re intimate again, please tell her I miss you both…
Remind her of the silly things l did at her lap, in her womb, on her back…
Tell her of the pampers she disposed
And the pupu she washed…

And, to you dad,
I promise to live our dreams,
To extend the legacy of the true meaning of Kawuzi,
All the virtue of you…
Yeah, Mummy taught me just a little
The rest, I have learned by the day…

But, I hope…
That you, mum, and God are smiling at me
And watching me cement Israel and the loves everywhere I tred.

Love you dad!

Song To Daddy

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I sit here tonight

I sit here tonight, all alone

And I remember your face

As I remember your grace


You left my life

You left me here

To face all the troubles of life


On this earth I remain

And the tears that I cry

Is just some of the pain, that hides away


I know you had dreams

I know you had dreams, of how you wanted my life to be

But too soon

You left too soon, for me to say goodbye


You left too soon

To see me cry

You left too soon

To see if I would make it

You left too soon to tell me what not to do


Wrong turns along the way

That’s what I took

And now I know

You left too soon


Oh Daddy you left too soon.

Dear Daddy,

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I believed all you said.
I laughed at your jokes even when they weren’t funny
And I believed you when you said you didn’t have any money.
How can you sleep at night knowing what you’ve done.
How can you not even care about your only son.
Having 3 girls doesn’t make you a dad
And saying all this doesn’t make me sad.
I can care less how or what your feeling.
A dad is someone that’s there,
The only thing you’ve ever really bought me was a bear.
You never cared about me and now I see.
You’ve lied before and you can do it again.
Hey, in your religion isn’t that a sin.
My dad is a liar no where near my bestfriend.
I laugh inside when you talk to me
Now I know that you really see.
I don’t like you, but love is all.
Love can’t buy me things.
Love can’t make up for lost time
And love wasn’t there when we stayed in a hotel.
Oh well, no point in writing all this down.
Because now I know you’ve never heard my sound!

My Dear Dad

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You used to be there when ever I needed you

You were not only my father but my friend

You were a star and the best best dad anyone could have had


What ever came my way

I knew I would be able to cope

When I felt miserable you used to give me hope


Even though you are not in this world anymore I still love you dad

Through life’s woes and strife I always remember your advice

Without having any doubt you were and will always be a big part of my life


So thank you dear dad for always being there for me when you were alive

Thanks dad for all the advice

Thanks dad for each and every thing


I know you are now without any pain and suffering




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