You are the bestest friend I’ve ever had

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You are the bestest friend I’ve ever had
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You are the bestest friend I’ve ever had,
I will make you calm when you are mad,
When you cry I will wipe away all of your tears,
When you’re scared I will fight away all your fears,
You will know I will always be there when things get tough,
I will help you when It’s hard, painful and rough,
I’ll help you with your homework, give you good advice,
Try and make you laugh and always be nice,
I will never let you down I will always be here,
Because I live for you and I will always be near
I want you to know how much you mean to me,
I will guide you through the darkness if you cannot see,
Happiness is what I want for you,
I hope that all your dreams come true,
No matter what I will be here to the end
I want you to know I love you my best friend.

If I had been there

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If I had been there
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Is there really a point to being here,
What’s the point?,
What’s the fear?,
If I only knew,
How to help my best friend,
She wouldn’t be there,
Well I guess here,
In the hospital,
With a babe in her arms,
If I hadn’t let her sip some,
She would have thought strait,
She would have hidden in her cape,
Not holding a babe from an unfortunate rape!.
It’s all my fault.

The Journey of Two Best Friends

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The Journey of Two Best Friends
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You’ve seen me at my worst
You’ve seen me at my best
You’ve listened to my troubles
And helped them lay to rest

I wish you knew how much I miss you
I wish you knew how much I care
I wish you knew how many times
I’ve wished you were just right there

To talk about the old times
When life was so carefree
And we played like we were sisters
Even though it couldn’t be

We’ve been best friends for so long
Ever since we were two and three
But then something small went wrong
And it grew too fast to see

I think talking was the key
That seemed to be out of grasp
And it slowly divided our friendship
Like poison from an asp

Then before I could comprehend
What had happened to two best friends
It ended up being farther than a walk next door
But a journey of a whole lot more

It doesn’t take long to get there
But it seems so far away
And since life isn’t always fair
I just hope to get there someday

And maybe I can celebrate
Your special day with you
I hope it will be this one
But I haven’t got a clue

So hopefully sometime
Our separation will end
And it will also finish
The journey of two best friends


(Dedicated to Andrea Bayles)

Lonely Little Oak Tree

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Lonely Little Oak Tree
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Im a little oak tree in a lonely forest
I have a thick big trunk and many green leaves
I have brown acorns that cover my tiny branches
Although I have no feet to walk far away
I have a flock of best friends around me
They are millipedes family who eat my fallen leaves
They are mice and squirrels who taste my delicious acorns
I even have wood lice who swallow my rotting wood
Birds nest on my branches and sing pleasant songs to me
Even the fox stays in my spacious hollow
My best friends are back from different places every day
and tell me of lots of amazing things that I never could see
I even have friends who help me get rid of my waste
Im not lonely anymore, and you?
Do you have such good friends like them as I do?