Little Trust

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Little Trust
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Being best friends from the very start,
But now we are continually drifting apart,
Finding things out from everyone else,
When it was always me you used to tell.

The one in which I’d always confide,
But now you can’t seem to make up your mind,
To tell me now or to tell me not?
The little trust that I’ve now got.

Each truth you told me was repayed,
We shared our secrets, back in the day,
But now it’s just a guessing game,
It’s pissing me off, I’m full off shame.

But why should I feel the fault is mine,
When I kept your secrets every time,
If you can’t trust me, that is fine,
Don’t tell me your secrets, I won’t tell you mine.

You are the best friend I have ever had

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You are the best friend I have ever had
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Although I have only known you for five years
It feels like a lifetime I will be here to wipe away your tears
And to fight away all of your fears
You know I will help you when things get tough
I will help you when things get hard and rough
I’ve told you my deepest secrets And you have told me yours
You’re my friend in life you’re my friend in death
We have a bond so strong proven with every breath
I must say the things I cherish the most
Is the time we get to spend together
You’re my best friend and that’s the way it will always be
You’re always there for the beginning to end
That’s how I describe you the perfect friend
You have been there for me through thick and thin
And I know you will be till the end
I know you will be here for me because true friends are for eternity
You turned my darkness into light
You made everything all right
When I needed you the most you were there
Even if you didn’t really care
Friendship is a strange thing
We find ourselves telling each other
the deepest of our secrets and details of our lives
things that we don’t even share with the families that raised us
Of all the friends I have ever met
You’re the one I will never forget
If I die before you do I will go to heaven and wait for you
If you never show I will know you went the other way
I’ll give the angels their wings back
And risk the loss of everything just to prove
Our friendship is true I will even go to hell for you
We are two friends, friends forever,
two best friends always together
No matter what I will be here till the end
I want you to remember me as your best friend.

Best friends

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Best friends
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We met
we clicked
we’re cool
we’re one
we’re two best friends in the sun
As it shines so bright
there may come the rain.
to fall into our lives
But best friends we’ll remain
Ring the phone & I will run to answer your call
Need me for whatever,I will go-”is that all”?
For the friendship never ends
You & I, for the rest of time-