My True Friend

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My True Friend
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God knew that in my earth life,
I’d need a good true friend.
Someone extra special,
and He knew just who to send.
Thank you for your friendship,
and for always being there.
Best friends like you are priceless,
not to mention, very rare.
Your door is always open
to extend a listening ear.
You go the extra mile,
every day of every year.
When this life is over,
and we meet in heaven’s sky,
our friendship will continue,
for good friendships never die.

Last Night

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Last Night
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When I am with you, it’s NEVER a bore, sometimes you feel it might be a chore.

I’m telling you friend, that’s NOT the case…when we hang out, I feel so embraced…

Last night we talked and laughed for a while, being with you, always makes me smile…

When you’re feeling blue and just want to “vent”, just call my name, I’ll be there to represent!

As the hours flew by and the sun began to rise, we both knew it was the end of our highs.

So there you went, right off to sleep, as I sat here counting some sheep.

Well, that didn’t work, so now I’m here, thinking of you and showing I care.

I started to draw, and then realized, is it me you should be with, or a guy in disguise?

The things you told me were very deep, hearing this made me feel weak.

I know I’m not there to see ALL the issues, at least I can offer my heart and some tissues.

Some of the things you said that made me weak, came off as that the guys you date are often creeps!

With no self esteem, and constant mistrust, no wonder this guys looking for a punch!

Everyone knows you’re a very strong person, don’t let this happen again Elisha…it’ll most likely worsen.

You’ve got the BIGGEST heart I have ever seen, if anyone breaks it again, things will be obscene.

You mean more to me, more than words can describe, please believe me, I’m trying to show you this side.

I look forward to our next “Girls Night Out”.

So let’s make an “oath” to always be there, to love, to trust, and always care!

So NEVER forget….you’re my BEST friend, until the very end, so whenever you need me, I will OVER-EXTEND

A friend by my side

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A friend by my side
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Of all the days we’ve spent apart,
I’ve counted the hours.
I long to your face again
when we are miles apart.
We’ve shared many laughs,
and very few tears.
You listen to me and you understand
That life isn’t always so sweet
There may be hatred and sorrow in the world
But when I have a best friend by my side
Things are always better

Inside Me

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Brown hair brown eyes, braces on my silly smile.
but what’s inside me, no amount can buy.
fountains of excitement when I hug my best friends,
a little sick as the road bends.
butterflies when I see a cute guy,
a bomb goes off when I tell a lie.
A burst of warmth when I pray to God,
a leap of joy when I hear him respond.
All my feelings swell like a pond,
I only wish they will never be gone.
the outside is important,
it shows how I feel.
My smiles, my tears, my fears galore.
but what’s inside me, I can’t ignore.
Im out here searching, searching for more.
All I can hope is for an open door.
Im looking deep to my core,
and that’s what’s inside me, and nothing more.

Purpose of Being

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Please tell me that the world is beautiful
Full of wonders I can adore
Green leaves, clean air, clear water and so much more
Please tell me I was made by
His image
He is everywhere, to protect the weak
And to guide me in times of my great trouble
Please tell me to respect and help thy neighbors
Abide the law and to be truthful
Every single day I learn the value as I go to school
Please tell me to value my best friends
Be honest and loyal in every way
Indeed, we had fun and unforgettable memories
Please tell me to take care of my family
As they take care, love, and mold me as of today
I feel bless to have them, for that I can say
Please tell me to love my wife and kids
Dedicate my life, my heart and my everything
To be loyal with her and enjoy the simplicity of living
Please tell me is this the truth…
Please tell me, I beg of you…
Please tell me that I understand…
Please tell me what is the purpose of my being?