Only You Can Make Me Cry

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Only You Can Make Me Cry
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Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I said I loved you.

And you loved me too.

Then you crushed me to get to my best friend.

Now, look at that, our friendship is at an end.

You lied and you cheated.

I thought that you would have all that I needed.

So, after a time, I must let you know.

Some feelings I’ve kept that I never show.

Only you can make me cry.

Only you can make me want to die.


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When I look in the mirror what do I see??

I see a stranger at times and a best friend at others.

I see a face that has opportunities; but doesn’t even catch them.

I see someone with so many options; but chooses not to use them.

I see a girl who can have accomplishments; but decides not to jump at the chance of success.

I see a person whose emotions are so confusing and wild; she has to rebuild the relationships she has broken.

Time after time, again and again.

I see this girl who gives off the impression that everything is okay when its not.

I see someone who could strive and do great; if she only let people help her.

A girl whose dreams are higher than the sky.

Someone who could be loved; if she, for once, tried to love back.

Everyday I see me in that stupid mirror and sadly…

Mirrors sure as hell don’t lie.

I Was Right in Front of You

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I Was Right in Front of You
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I was right in front of you.

I was your best friend.

I had a crush and you knew,

But you didn’t feel the same.

I went through it all with you,

Never losing the feelings,

Waiting for you to finally feel the way I do.

When I was about to give up,

You said I love you.

I filled with joy,

As if nothing bad ever happened to me.

Now when I see you my day lights up,

My best friend is my true love,

Just like a fairy-tale.

Who said fairy-tales were just made up?

Mine has just begun.

I love you.

You love me,

and now you see

I was right in front of you.

Do You Even Care?

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Do You Even Care?
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Do you care?

Because it seems like you don’t.

I used to think we were inseparable.

Then you went and deceived me.

So I must ask,

Do you even care anymore?

You act like you don’t.

You don’t tell me things that are bothering you.

I’m supposed to be your best friend.

Are we even that anymore?

Was everything we shared just lies?

Do I just have to sit and watch our friendship as it dies?

Tell me you forgive me?

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Tell me you forgive me?
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I know what happened the other day
I know what you have to say
I know what I did wrong
What I say won’t be long
Sorry, forgive me?
I can’t rest
I’m such a mess
I need your word
Please tell me……. you forgive me?
I won’t bother you anymore, if you say no
But I need you to know…
That wasn’t me
I wasn’t in control
Inside of me
It was the monster
It grew, and grew and grew
I got angry, I have more reasons
It feels like it’s been seasons,
Since I’ve seen you
We were the best of friends since that day
And now you’ve disappeared
Will you come back?
Will you forgive me?
Tell me you forgive me?