Losing You

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Losing You
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I met you 6 years ago, and as silly children we were enemies

We would scowl at each other in the bathrooms, ignore each other on the playground

Until a boy came into our lives; he was both of our best friends and we knew him as Baba

We eventually grew closer, until we were the best of friends; the three of us..

Then I had to leave; my parents we’re divorcing and I had to move

We parted with hugs, tears, and chocolates, and I lost your phone number

I still thought of you everyday, and I imagined you thought of me too

I would hope and dream to someday see you again, until I got my wish

My mom and I were moving back! Oh, how happy I was!

On my first day of school -4 years later- I was in Drama class

And this girl walked up to me and asked if my name was Jenn, and I looked up

What I saw shocked me; it was you! you! oh, I missed you!

We instantly resumed our long-lost friendship, and I was so happy

A few more friends were added to our group, and nothing went wrong until one girl..

One girl started spreading false rumours; she was jealous of our friendship

She did everything in her power to turn us against each other; and sometimes she succeeded

But we always reunited in the end, not this time though..

Two years after we met again, there came some complications.

A new girl in school, she spread hurtful rumours about the two of us

And you did everything in your power to save our ties, but we still fought through it afterwards!

Until your little sister told your parents a lie.. She ruined my life.

She told your parents something that made them believe I was a bad influence.

And they gave you rules! They forbid you from texting me, and you were only able to talk to me if I talked first!

I look at you every day wondering if you’re even missing me like I miss you, because you don’t seem troubled

In fact, you seem happy. Is the one person I shared all my secrets with happy to be rid of me?

Was my best friend for so long, who I have so many memories with, a liar? Was she faking?

Now schools almost over, and you still won’t talk to me..

I won’t even have any memories for when I move away again; do you even care?

It hurts me so bad to think I never once had a friend who liked me for who I was, who I AM!

Losing you has done a lot to my unstable sanity; none of it for the better

You were my anchor, and now you’ve been suddenly ripped away from me

I have no crutch to lean on, and I don’t know what to do about it; but I’m going to do my best

I do have something, someone, to live for.. And I won’t give up!

I’m Not Taking You Back

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I’m Not Taking You Back
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I’m sorry but I’m not taking you back

You broke my heart a long time ago

And I thought I would never love again

Then I met this boy and well I guess we just fell in love…

When you broke my heart I thought “I’m always gonna love you and no one else.”

But now…I don’t love you

I don’t hate you either

I just…Dislike you

You left me for my best friend

But I never hated her for dating you…

If she liked you then okay whatever

I was happy for her…Her not you

You told her you loved her and she loved you too

Then you found out I have a boyfriend so you dumped my best friend for me!

Now your begging for me to take you back

You said you made a mistake…

Well guess what

It wasn’t a mistake and I’m not taking you back

I’m sorry but you broke my heart…And someone fixed it

I’m not breaking theirs just for you…

You a jerk…

So good luck getting another girlfriend

And it’s best you don’t keep on begging…

Because I’m not taking you back!

My Best Friend

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My Best Friend
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My best friend
He is always there for me
Whether I am happy or sad
Crying or laughing

He listens as if he cares
Gives me feed back
But I don’t understand it
We don’t speak the same language

Somehow that does not matter
The point comes across
It is the love and sympathy
That really counts

A kiss a hug
Makes my day
Just the companionship
Can lift the spirit

Who is this friend
That is so special in my heart
My wonderful cat
My best friend…

We are fading

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We are fading
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You and I are starting to fade…

Before we were so close together…

Not anymore

We’re fading and we both don’t want to

We promised we would be best friends forever

Until 1 boy entered our lives and destroyed it

We’re fading and we want it to stop…

But is it possible to stop it?

We don’t know how he does it…

He just…

You..Know…Just does…

Must we let go?

Do we have to?

We’re fading…

And we’re fading fast…