I love you, I really do

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I love you, I really do.
i’d do anything to prove this to you.
i’d walk on water,
i’d swim in the ocean.
My love for you is like a witch’s potion.
i’d climb the highest mountain,
i’d fight the best of boxers,
to let the world know that have gottcha.
i’d walk trough rain, sleet or snow,
now have got you I will never let go.
i’d do all this over and over again,
to the point i’d go insane.
now do you believe? my love is true,
and there could be no other but you.

What is Love

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When you are happily in love, love is great
Love is flowers and love is forever;
Love is home and love is hope;
Love is kind and love is care;
Love is smile and love is sweet;
Love is true and love is real

When you are sadly in love
Love is lonely, love is lies;
Love is hate and love is hurt;
Love is past and love is pain;
Love is sad and love is scared;
Love is fear and love is tear;
Love is cry and love is goodbye;
Love is heart broken and love is over

Love is all but love is just a dream by another name
When you are happily in love, love is a sweet dream
When you are sadly in love, love is a nightmare
Worry no more; you will wake up

Begin with love

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I’m no angel that’s for sure
Just please tell me why
these things are happening to me?
Every time Im thinking of you
I always catch my breath
and I’m still standing here
And you’re miles away
and I’m wonderin’ why you left
and there’s a storm that’s raging
Through my frozen heart tonight
it’s my heart that’s breaking
Down this long distance line tonight
And although my eyes may cry a thousand tears
And if by chance I live a million years
I believe one thing will still be true
In love I will find the answer
To the question
That is written in my heart
Have faith and it will guide me
On my journey
If I remember from the start
It all begins with love