Love, A Great Vision of Art

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At times in a relationship not everything goes perfect,
But also at times it’s realized that it is worth it.
These are the times when our hearts are full of love and yearning,
It also causes us to live together and go through life learning.
When we know that these times things are going to get a little rough,
We have to remember that without us showing our love it’s always tough.
This is the time of our life together that we have to be confident and strong,
And it shows that will our true love that we know where we belong.
By us showing this type of love it could be shown like a great vision of art,
Causing us to always remember that with this Love we’ll never be broken apart.

What’s true love

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Today I see all the things that weren’t clear to me,
I couldn’t see the real me because there were things in my way,
It was you, It was the day I met the guy of my dreams,
the guy that had made me suffer so much,
the guy that is so hard to let go & that guy is you
you had gone with the wind,
you had left me here alone,
you  had told me that you loved me but that it wasn’t gonna work,
now Im trying to figure out it was my mistake or it was yours,
I told you what love meant to you ?
you told me it meant more than what I believed,
you said that I meant so much to you that you had to let me go,
I said honey, but it’s true love,
how can you let go if you’re all I ever wanted,
you told me “babe I know but what you don’t understand is that
you mean the world to me & if anything ever happens to you i’ll die
because you’re all I love to have & you’re all I ever wanted
but I have to let you go because I love you too much to lose you”
& you let me wondering what in the world were you doing ?
you were leaving me because you loved me?
the next day after you were gone I looked up at the stars
and the most shiny one I saw I knew it was you
& then I understood what true love meant
& I learn it from you <3

Special true love

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Life isn’t suppose to be upside down,
It should go in a smooth way,
Mixed with problems and happiness,
Life should be shared with a person,
That we truly LOVE………
Sometimes when we search for the person,
They won’t be there,
But when we turn back and see,
They are actually there but we didn’t notice them,
The person is our special LOVE……
Many people are living in this world,
They may come and go in our life,
There will be one person that we’ll truly love,
The person that cannot be erased in our heart,
That is when we see our true LOVE……..


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I once had a dream,
like no dream, I’d ever seen.
baby you were there,
with the wind blowing your hair.

If dreams were special and could come true,
I’d think of no-one else but you.
but baby my dream did come true,
that very first day that I met you.

Your luscious lips, those lovely hands,
baby you’re the one in demand.
Your sexy smile, these crazy eyes.
when Im not with you, these eyes of mine cry.

I love thee, I love thee, I love thee I do,
this special dream I have of you.
and if this dream was ever to end…
it would take my heart forever to mend……


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Like the sighting of a rose,
I love lust for you,
the one I choose.
like sun in the sky,
it’s gonna be hard to say goodbye,
like beating of the heart,
I get this dull ache when we’re apart.
like the wings of a dove,
I can only say and mean this to the one I love.
like the promise you have to keep,
you’re the one I think of in my sleep.
like the boat at sea,
I’ll hope you’ll always remember me.
see baby it’s true,
I will always love and remember you.