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Light seeps beneath my wings that give plight to the heavens above…

blessings to move on, reach high above my head and reach the stars.

I’m not beneath you nor are you

but you seem to have chosen your fate…

it’s neither my nor your love

it’s only God who will decide to ring me sorrow or praise me love…

to choose my fate I shall not know,

but I do know my promise’s ring true

as cupid’s arrow struck millions of hearts to do the same.

Reach for my hand and I’ll bring you warmth…

reach for my heart and I’ll bring you love…

reach for my soul and I’ll bring you light…

reach for everything I am and I’ll bring you hope.

You always linger within my mind that gives me temptation…

light my way God show me how to fly the way

I should with no regrets, no mistakes, no sin…

just your love and your angels to help me up when I fall.

Spin me a million judgments pin them against me

to take my soul a thousand times just to have you by my side…

ring them true to judge me once more…

give me your trust and I’ll hold it true

for I have received a million loves from your heart

and yet I gave you a pity few and never once thought of your kindness

that molds my heart into two,

give you love when you need it most,

hug you more than any girl would ever do…

hold you closer than anyone else could ever do …

kiss you more with tears of joy that you’re truly mine

but God’s will before you and I.

Cupid’s arrow remains forever embedded within everything

that makes our love ring true forever more.

My words of true love

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As I wake and think of you it gives me the biggest smile,
I try to lay and think of you trying to make it last a long while.
This makes me so happy for everything that you see in me,
It makes me realize that I will give everything unto you under any plea.
As I take that every breath each day, I need you to know that they are meant only for you,
If you were not a part of my life, my heart feel like it stop, and I would feel so down and blue.
This is a promise that I am making to you, because my words of True Love only come from deep inside,
And everyone will see this in us because of how I will treat you on the outside.
So as we live our lives together as one, this will make us feel like we are whole,
I am glad for today that you hear these words and that comes deep from within my soul.


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Cupid’s arrows strike a million sorrows…a million tears shed before u…
never hold true to love for it is scornful, boastful, and lustful, within vengeful hearts that weren’t meant to be…
but to be hollow with stricken madness but for those who have the true key to cupid’s meaning and not just the false love…
let it shine through and blind those who do not see it, who do not believe it, and who do not deserve it…
written lies bleed the page of wrongful sins…burn the devils spying eyes…and clip the wings off fallen angels…
avenge my demise for I have longed for foreshadowed my ruthless anger upon innocent lovers…
whom hold loving memories of what I once yearned for and still yearn for that loving heart from him …
the sweetest kisses I would kill for, kill to have him once more…
pray to god to once more have him by my side forever and always …
for I shall never take it for granted because I know I couldn’t live without him…

Our Wedding Vow

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Through wedding vows made this day
we are now man and wife
We vowed that we would honor,
love, and cherish all our life.
This humble vow of promise,
when we said the words, “I do”
is a vow we won’t take lightly,
but a vow forever true.
Our two hearts are now as one,
joined by love sincere.
We will be faithful, loving, and true,
throughout each passing year.
Loving vows recorded by angels
who gave their approving nod,
will not fail for they were made
between you, and me, and God.

Nothing but True

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Is this true when they say opposites attract,
Well in my eyes when I see you, I know this is a fact.
My friends tell me that you’re not right for me and I made a mistake.
But I told them that without you in my life my heart would ache.
Although our relationship is not perfect, I can’t ask for more,
Because with you in my heart, this is all I ask the Lord for.
So this is from me to you,
My love for you is nothing but true.