How true love can be

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Stop and see whats to be
For sometimes you must
Look beyond the trees.
Your questions of life
Are never easy
Like true love we grasp
For each day
Stop and look very
Close to you for love
An happiness is just ahead
So look to god and pray and
Get down on one knee and
Pray to the lord to let you be humble
And free.
For then and only then
Will you see
How true
Love can be

The Cloud Has Lifted

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Today was the day I admit it
Today was the day it came true
My wishing and plea’s are answered
Today I said “I love you”

And now I am thoroughly hooked
I smile and remember your voice
The sweetness and the radiance
But really I have no choice

Your sweet accent of unknown descent
Your smile lifting up whenever I’m near
Your heart full of nothing but praise
Your stare erases all of my fear

I think I’m finally better off
As I found my last true love
The depression is off the radar
I’m surrounded in light from above

Bliss and happiness fulfill me
If only you lived closer still
I can’t get enough of your sweet voice
Hanging up is a measure of will

Understand, Compromise and Accept

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The way I feel about you can not be put into words

This feeling is so amazing

I feel so calm and peaceful


It is no easy task to keep this feeling strong

Every day I need to understand, compromise and accept

I used to think it is impossible for me to trust


I came to realize what true love is

It feels so amazing and I hope it never ends


I hope we grow with honesty

Stay True

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Completely the opposite of everyone else

You make me happy..

You saved my life, aware or unaware

I needed something to hang on to, and you gave it.

I’m In debt to you, and I love you.

I know now you love me too..

And that our love is true ..

I hope you never leave me, you never slip away

I want to remain yours, each and every day..

You’re just like me, but I never acknowledged you until now!

We even think the same..

The question is, Will you be true?

I Wonder

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I wonder……
What would life be like
If I had love…
Love that was real and lasting
Would I feel free…
Free to be the real me?
Just a country bumpkin
Simple and true.

Would I feel secure..
Accepted of all my faults?
Would he like me for myself
Would he be kind and caring
Affectionate and compassionate.

Many days I dream..
Of a man like that
But to this day
A face I still can’t picture

I wonder……