True Love Waits

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I’m pouring out my heart, And putting it in a Bottle,
I’m Throwing it into the Sea, In hopes that you’ll Find it.
And if by chance, You don’t, I’ll give the key to my heart, to a dove,
And watch it fly away. And Hope that you do find it Soon,
But till then, I’ll Wait… For only True love waits..

Such a simple word

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Such a simple word

Four letters

Two vowels

Two consanants


Such a joyous sensation

The closest a human ever gets to heaven on earth

Paradise in a moment

Perfect in the blink of an eye


The closest a human ever gets to hell on earth

Pain for years

Longing in the truest sense


The ultimate paradox

The essence of irony

The worst and best thing in Life


Such a simple word

Four letters

Two vowels

Two consanants



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Do I wait for you? I know you need me and that we have gone thru so much together …
But there might be someone else
She is in the shoes that I am with you but with her special someone
I know that I can not love her as I did with you but I know that over time I could love her
She is everything you can not give me right now but could in the future
… You were my everything and you are everything I have ever looked for
And I know that I may mean something to you now because you can’t seem to let me go
… And you have told me time and time again that we are only friends
Friends for me
A whore for you
I only get what is given to me
And you only ask what you want not need
I can not love someone who would not say I love you every night
Someone who will not touch me unless she wants something from me
Someone who would not call me unless she needs me to drive her
It is true you say that I know what I’m getting myself into after we broke up
And it is true that I do know what I am doing
And it is also true that you know that I still love you
And that I want you in the worst ways
But if this is how I shall be treated…
And this is how it is going to be then maybe one day i’ll be sick of you
And your ways
And one day with no regrets I will walk away with out looking back
But for now the wound is still freshly cut open
And mentally it will not heal until my heart is willing to let you go
And for now I will wait with my heart in my hands and for now I will see how long it takes who would win and who is going to lose at this game I now call loveless

Promise me

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Am begging you

Let’s run away

We could save this love

Kiss me softly

Don’t speak up

Make it fast

Choose as we go

Decide our future

Forget our past

Promise me something and make it last

Say that you’re sorry

Tell me you mean it

If you stop crying then I’ll start believing

Hug me carefully

Touch me softly

Embrace me with your touch

Don’t let me stand here alone

Hold me tight that’s what I want

Your hand and mines joined as one

Kiss me tenderly

Take away my pain

Runaway with me

In the dark shadowy night

Let’s make love

In this fine place

I will stay with you

No matter what I have to do

Baby its love I promise you

I can’t change it

I can’t fix it

It’s your love it’s addicting

Am in pain

Because of you

We can’t be together

We are called “too young”

But when our love combined

It was meant to be

I mean when we made love it was perfect

I can’t imagine life without you

I can’t move on from you my love

You and I are meant to be in my heart I feel it

Our love is like a magnet it can’t be apart

We must stay united because true love happened once

And when we find it we can’t let it go

Because it might not return

But am sure I love you forever and ever

Me and you belong together.