True love sometimes comes true

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It was the day when faith seems to die
Lurking in a sense of a madman
Prowl with no direction
Lost in road of emptiness
And looking for redemption

Then there was you
Innocent and so true
Making me believe, yes it’s true Oh what a wonderful you

My first sight of my everlasting glance
With the brilliance of your face
Shines brighter than the skies
Like an angel in disguise
Surely would make me cry

Thoughts of you too strong and powerful
So passionate and yet very sincere
Is it real or merely just an act
Why you look so sad and blue
Whisper in these longing ears my love
Did someone make you cry

Let me hear your agony, for I shall feel your sorrow
Drowning in your sweet tender voice
With undying melodies of your memories
Surely would conquer my soul

Wish I could hold your hands
And quench the loneliness of your heart
Craving to embrace you in these arms
Just to keep you safe and warm

Chin up my love and let me touch your cheek
Don’t be sad for I will always be here to cheer you up
Whenever you’re down, teary and weary
Hush now my beautiful stranger, for Im here
And always be just here waiting
Waiting for your love

He and She

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Will she tell me she loves me or just hold my hand?
Will he close my eyes and kiss my lips or will he take a stand
Is it me she wants or does she want more?
Does he really love me or am I just a chore
She ran away before she might do it again
I love him now more than ever I will be here till the end
I just need to see her, to know that it’s true
If he sees me and doesn’t want me, I don’t know what I’ll do
She lives far away and could do so much better
He has girls that want him, and have their act together
She’s given up once, this time she needs to stay for good
He’s known to be a player if he wanted to he could
Taking him back now is what I feel is right
I just want her in my arms to hold me through the night
I don’t need to wait to know how he feels
I love her it’s true this is just too real
Will you go out with me Sarah I want you in my life
I will share everything with you Paul, one day I’ll be your wife

Wish Upon Romance

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Slamming my door, Im confused yet wild.
Breaking into tears, Im truly guarded and mild.
I cannot help but to hiss and tease,
at the one who gives me no release.
Entrapped inside my life, un fair.
Feelings of indeceiveness, just another affair.

Rolled up in my blanket of security,
I ask, why is this life my duty?
The lamp casting long shadows across the room.
I bury myself beneath the cushion and gloom.
Peeping out the window to see one single star,
I reassure myself it’s two that seem so afar.

From where I lay in a bed of hopelessness,
my eyes and mind seem to fuse in this mess.
Producing for me a daydream of black and white show,
a blur of image comes into focus, swaying to and ‘fro.
Two stars, which dance across the night.
Two people, who romance in the light.
It’s only a picture, a thought in my mind,
of a true love story, that I pursue to find.

Today is your birthday

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Today is your birthday.
I can only think of one thing to do,
to show you how much I care.
Lately I have been so busy at work,
I almost forgot about today.
But what kept me from making that mistake
was the deep cherished love I have for you.
I want to celebrate your birthday,
like if it was our anniversary.
I cooked you breakfast.
I dressed the kids for school.
Then I picked them up from school.
The day is almost over and I still haven’t told you
how much I love you.
Forgive me.
But I know that actions speak louder than words.
I look forward to our anniversay,
because I want to show you that
you made the best decision of all.
Trusting in me. And caring for our kids.

With a humble heart and a body
that speaks louder than words.

The fact really is you never loved me

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Love is a word misused all the time
but do you truly mean it and are you truly mine?
Don’t just say it cause everyone does
cause one day you might just forget what it was.
I know our love is true and I know our love is strong
so just promise me once that you will never do me wrong
(time passes)
See I shouldn’t have believed you I wasn’t very smart
you say that you loved me but you broke my heart.
yea you showed me that you loved me and that you truly cared
the night you went out and destroyed what we shared
I feel so hurt I don’t know what to do
but Im stronger than that and I will get over you
it took me a while but now I see
the fact really is you never loved me